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7 Ways to View Locked Facebook Profile Photos of Anyone

7 Ways to View Locked Facebook Profile Photos of Anyone

Doesn’t it feel annoying when you can’t view the profile picture of someone’s locked Facebook profile? Well, not anymore. After hours of thorough research and testing, we have picked several working tricks to easily view locked Facebook profile photos, posts, and other related updates in this explainer. Furthermore, you can learn to delete your Facebook Search history if you don’t want your friends to find out about your search results.

Ways To View Locked Facebook Profile Photos and Posts

Let’s look at various effective methods to view the locked Facebook  profile photos and posts:

Use Online Tools to View Locked Facebook Profile

While many online websites claim to display profile pictures of locked Facebook profiles, we came across one particular online tool that does what it says. Using this tool, you can quickly paste the Facebook profile link in its search bar to view the full-sized profile picture of a locked account. Here’s how you can achieve it.

1. Copy the profile link of the target-locked Facebook account to view its profile picture.

2. Next, access the Profile Viewer Online Tool and paste the copied profile link in the search bar.

3. Further, choose any method from the list of provided methods and complete the captcha verification. Upon successful bot verification, click on the Get Profile Picture button to view the profile picture of the locked Facebook account.

4. If Method A shows any error while displaying the profile picture, then you can switch to other methods and repeat the steps above to view the locked profile picture.

Use your Phone’s Browser to View Locked Facebook Profile

Another effective trick to view the profile picture of a locked Facebook account is to use the basic version of Facebook mobile browsing. Follow these steps to view the same using this method.

1. Open the web browser app on your smartphone and sign in with your Facebook account.

2. Next, search for the locked profile in the search bar whose profile picture you wish to view.

3. Now, tap on the address bar at the top, append ‘mbasic’ before the ‘Facebook’ keyword, and search it. This will open the locked Facebook profile in the basic viewing mode on your device.

4. Long-press on the profile picture now and tap on the Download Image option to download the locked profile picture to your device.

That’s it. You can now view the downloaded profile picture of the locked Facebook account inside your gallery app on your smartphone.

View Locked Facebook Profile Photos by Inspecting Browser Page

Besides accessing basic Facebook mode, you can view the profile photo of a locked Facebook account by inspecting the profile page using your PC’s web browser. Here’s how:

1. Go the locked Facebook profile on a PC’s web browser and press the F12 button to inspect the page.

2. Next, switch to the Sources tab and expand the entry that starts with ‘srcontent.’ Make sure to expand each sub-folder inside to view the list of all images.

3. Double-click on the images one by one to open and find the profile page. Here, you can also find the full-sized profile cover page.

4. Once located, right-click on the image and press the Open image in a new tab option.

5. Finally, zoom in on the opened image to view the profile picture. You can also download this image by right-clicking > Save Image as action.

Use the ‘Photos of’ Method to Search Related Content

In addition to viewing the profile picture of a locked Facebook account, you can view additional information about the target profile, such as photo posts and other updates, using the Photos Of method. While this trick doesn’t guarantee accurate results, you can browse through all the search results to find details of the locked profile (such as photos, posts, etc.).

1. Open Facebook in your web browser and sign in with your account.

2. Next, click on the search bar and search with the below keyword.

Photos of <Profile Name>

Make sure to replace the <Profile Name> with the name of the target-locked Facebook account whose details you wish to know. For example, ‘Photos of Paras Rastogi.’

3. You can browse through various categories in the left sidebar to gather details from the search results, such as Posts, People, Photos, etc.

This method works like a hit-and-trial trick to gather details on your locked Facebook profile.

Get in Touch with Friends of the Locked Account

Another working method to view the photos or other updates of the locked Facebook profile is to connect with friends of the target account and add them as friends. Once accepted, you might be able to view the photo of the target Facebook user in which his friend might have tagged him.

In other words, you can view the mutually shared photos between the locked profile account and the friend you’ve just added to your Facebook account.

Create and Use a Different Facebook Account

Suppose you don’t wish to deal with the hassle of using online tools and tricks to view the locked Facebook account’s profile picture and other updates. In that case, you can create a different Facebook profile and add them as friends to keep viewing their updates and posted photos.

Take special care to hide your original details while creating a new Facebook account, as you don’t wish the target Facebook user to know about your presence on his timeline.

Send a Friend Request

If you’ve changed your mind and decided to view the profile photo of someone on Facebook directly, you can send them a friend request. As soon as your request gets accepted, you can see your friend’s profile photo by clicking on the respective profile icon.

Bonus Tip: Download Private Video from a Facebook Profile

Now that you have learned to view the profile picture and other updates of a locked Facebook account, you must learn to view and download the video posted from a private/locked account. Follow this quick read to learn how to download any private video from a Facebook profile.


Q: How to view a locked Facebook Profile Picture Online?

A: You can check out the locked Facebook Profile picture website in this explainer to conveniently view locked Facebook profile pictures.

Q: Can you view the locked Facebook Profile Picture in full size?

A: Yes, you can view the profile picture of a locked Facebook profile in original user-uploaded quality using the methods listed above.

Q: How to view a locked profile on Facebook on Mobile?

A: Switch to the Basic/Mobile Facebook version and right-click on it to view the profile picture of a locked Facebook profile.

Q: Can you view a locked profile on Facebook without being friends?

A: Yes, you can easily view a locked profile on Facebook using online tools or mobile browser workarounds. Check out the steps in this guide to learn more about the same.

Wrapping Up: View Hidden Facebook Profile Info

So, that’s a wrap for the top 7 ways to see locked Facebook profile photos, posts, and other updates. If this quick read has assisted you in viewing your desired locked Facebook profile, then hit the like button and share this guide among your friends to make them aware of these working tricks. Subscribe to GadgetsToUse for more awesome how-tos.

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