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Can a Cyber Hacker Group, Malware Team, or Internet Virus Spreader Just Disband and Quit?

Can a Cyber Hacker Group, Malware Team, or Internet Virus Spreader Just Disband and Quit?

Malicious and show-off style hacking is questioning the trust of online communication, identity privacy, and e-commerce. Governments, Corporations, Militaries, HGOs, and citizens alike are worried – as well they should. It seems sometimes there is no safe computer system anywhere in the world, even as the world moves to securers cloud data-centers. As the authorities hunt down the hackers and catch some, there appear to be plenty more to take their place, and plenty of ISPs to hide behind or use in their tricks.

So far, looking at the score board, it looks as if the hackers, cyber terrorists, and rogue nation cyber-commands are winning, while the users, IT departments, corporations, and governments are losing. Yes, the hackers have put egg on the faces of some of the top computer security firms, and made them look silly, incompetent, and unable to secure their systems. There was an interesting article in the mainstream media, and on MSNBC discussing how the Lulz Sec Hacker Group called it quits and disbanded.

The article in MSNBC website titled; “Hacker group LulzSec says it’s done – 50 days of cyber capers included breaches of PBS, Arizona, Sony, FBI partners,” was quite enlightening and discusses this major turn of events stating;

“The group has stolen mountains of personal data in a dozen of attacks, embarrassing law enforcement globally while boasting about the stunts online. The group’s disbandment comes unexpectedly, & is a sign that law enforcement investigations are closing in. Rival hackers have joined in the hunt, releasing information which could point to the six-member group. One of the group’s six members was interviewed by The AP on Friday, and gave no indication that its work was ending.”

Can hacker groups just quit like that, and the problem is over, yes, perhaps, and why not, they’ve won and it is obvious they have their bragging rights. But can a hacker who does it for the sport, loves it, and enjoys the adrenalin rush actually quit and never hack again? That, I wonder, I’d say probably not. But, they might go into computer security and teach the authorities a thing or two. It would be nice if they joined the other side, rather than disrupting the confidence in the Internet.

Of course, then someone else would come along if and replace them if they were not hacking. Okay so, I guess we need a safer and more reliable internet and until we get that we are not going to have the level or trust in the system we need to keep the flow of information and electronic commerce going. Please consider all this and think on it.