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Celebrating Milestones Forward Can Yield Amazing Results 

Celebrating Milestones Forward Can Yield Amazing Results 
Celebrating Milestones Forward Can Yield Amazing Results 

Milestones – whether business, group or individual are realized and celebrated all the time. They are also regarded in a variety of diverse means. Having said that, if you genuinely glimpse at many of these celebrations, I imagined, they’re usually backward on the lookout – i.e., heading back to the place issues began to exactly where they are now.


Then, I had an epiphany. What if you commemorated by purposefully celebrating ahead? What if you used that milestone as a way of encouraging a foreseeable future exercise?

This was the circumstance with Toastmasters Podcast as it approached its 200th milestone. To commemorate or rejoice the celebration, as a substitute of wanting back at the initial 200 episodes as would be expected, we, the hosts Greg Gazin and Ryan Levesque, decided to build a contest, specifically, a Pitch Us Your Podcast Plan! contest. 

The concept would be to generate extra excitement all over podcasting and persuade members to give it a check out. Associates could submit their most imaginative notion – a pitch and an audio sample and they did not have to have an existing podcast.  The winner would be declared and the grand prize, besides some actually amazing bragging rights would to be a visitor on Episode #200 where by they could introduce on their own to the world and pitch their idea us. 

When the dust settled, we had a winner, Rashmi Ketha from Ledgewood NJ, USA  with her notion known as, “The Practical experience Passport.” Personal progress as a result of interest sampling.

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You can catch the 200th episode – demonstrated appropriate at ToastmastersPodcast.com, and Apple & Google Podcasts. 

Also, if you want to uncover out a tiny additional about the Toastmasters Podcast and its hosts, remember to look at out: Tune In to The Toastmasters Podcast, in the March 2022 on-line problem of the Toastmaster Magazine.

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You can also hear below to ToastCaster #158 Celebrating Milestones Ahead Can Produce Wonderful Results  or capture it and other episodes at ToastCaster.com.