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Email Fraud – Beware of 419 Fraud

Email  Fraud – Beware of 419 Fraud

Email Fraud is no more news. We regularly, hear of successful frauds committed on the Internet through the use of fraudulent mails. 419 fraud is a code name for an Email Fraud originating from Nigeria.

Take note, do not be deceived 419 fraud is a code name for an email fraud that promises contracts involving large sums of money. It is not peculiar to Nigeria alone but mostly originates from Nigeria.


The 419 fraudster, uses social engineering neglected by most information security consultants to gradually convince the unsuspecting victim that the fictitious contract dangled before the victim is legitimate.

People are falling victims everyday why?

  • They get close to you through regular chats over a long period of time, developing a kind of bond (friendship).
  • They use the power of sympathy to play on their victims.
  • They take advantage of the inbuilt desire in us to make money.
  • They use the names of well-known organizations to perpetrate the crime.
  • They use real life circumstances and situations, which are very reliable to commit fraud.


This sample 419 Mail is Original(no correction of spelling mistakes).

Mr. Felix Afuwa


Credit control Manager

Victoria – Island Branch

Tel.: 234-1774-8735

Fax: 234-1759-3019


I am Mr. Felix Afuwa, the Credit Control Manager of ECOBANK – Victoria Island branch in Lagos Nigeria.

I am in charge of credit finances in the bank. The banking sector has a peculiar nature in my country as it concerns financial transactions; anything is possible for you to stay afloat with the enormous competition therein.

There was this foreigner Mr. John VanderPloeg who came at a time to deposit the sum of US$15.8million United States dollars in several installments on behalf of some multinationals for the prosecution of the Late General Sani Abacha to succeed himself as the civilian President of my country. What happened to this plot is left for prosperity to judge.

My reason for contacting you is because I want to find out if you could assist me with this situation.

This money has been in the bank for some time and due to the manner and purpose for which it was deposited, there was no next of kin provided for this transaction. Mr. John VanderPloeg I have on good authority was just an agent used for this purpose and has fled the country following a series of revelations on how the Abacha’s plundered the Nigerian economy and more revelations coming up at the present Oputa panel 3years after the death of the dictator. At the end of this year the bank would mob the money up if nobody comes forward to lay claim.

Taking into cognizance the foregoing, I am in a position to make all necessary arrangement to portray you as the next of kin as it affects this transaction at the bank, so that this money can be immediately transferred on your request to another bank account abroad.

I am willing and ready to offer you 10% of the funds for you assistance.

Call me so that we can discuss further

Yours truly,

Mr. Felix Afuwa


  • Do not open a mail you didn’t solicit or request for.
  • Any mail requesting for a certain sum of money or gifts before a contract is awarded do not reply, do not reply such mail.
  • If at all you are interested in the business you never solicited for or asked for, please cross check with security agencies located in your country. Make sure you present a copy of the mail when reporting.
  • Always let your spouse or friend know about any mail requesting for money or gift before business is transacted.


Fraudulent mails are sent out daily. Do not fall a victim by getting regular education on fraudulent mails through newsletter subscription, audio seminars, security e-courses, purchase of security ebooks. Don’t be the next victim take security awareness education serious.