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How Long Should I Make My Social Media Video?

How Long Should I Make My Social Media Video?

Video should be an essential pillar in your online marketing, mostly because consumers can’t get enough of it! In 2020, 96% of internet users increased the amount of video they consumed – and this year, the average person is watching around 100 minutes of video content each day. And it’s not just funny pet videos and fails either – 54% of people want more video content from the brands they follow, with video already generating 66% more qualified leads per year. But knowing that people want to see your content is just the start. One of the most common questions marketing teams get asked is how long videos should be to maximise engagement and impact. So, we’ve written up a free guide for you!

YouTube is where you really get to stretch your wings and deliver longer-length social media videos. There’s no minimum length for monetised videos and the average length for YouTube videos is 11.7 minutes, so you can use it for short content as well. When you hit 8 minutes, it’s important to note that there will also be space for mid-roll ads. And while we’re here, the best types of videos for your channel include how-to, reviews, product exploration, and company vlog content.

  • TikTok – 7-15 seconds

  • At the other end of the spectrum is TikTok, the hottest new kid on the social media video content block. Keep it bite-sized for the most engagement and views, and remember to keep your content fun and creative. Try out a quick video of day-to-day life in your company, interesting operations and projects, employee spotlight content, quick tips and lifehacks, teaser videos, answers to a question, or your team having fun.

  • LinkedIn – 10 to 30 seconds

  • Yes, LinkedIn is a video content platform! For the most impact, keep your videos short and snappy 30 seconds or less – even cutting them down to 15 seconds for great performance. Like the other platforms, content should be curated to your audience and kept in line with the professional feel that LinkedIn offers. We love recruitment videos, product launches, seminar/conference or roundtable invitations, and “what we do” videos.

  • Instagram Reels – 7-15 seconds

  • These are the videos that will appear in the feed for your followers and sponsored ads. Aim to have them short and sweet, like the TikTok videos, although you can go up to 90 seconds and still make them great. But you want them to be high impact, as these are the videos that really drive engagement. Great video content for stories includes polls and quizzes, answers to questions, product introductions, motivations, moments from live events, countdowns, and wins.

  • Instagram Stories – 15 seconds

  • For Instagram stories – the videos that appear in the top bar for your followers – you’ll want to stick to 15 seconds or less. These videos vanish after 24 hours, so a short format is best. Have fun with them and keep them high-quality but casual. This content can include introductions to your team, snippets from daily office life, before and after content, quick how-to videos, sneak peeks, teasers, and promotions.

    At Digital Freak, we know all the ins and outs of social media video, from spicy TikTok content that gets you giggling to business content that fits like a custom Italian suit. Chat to us to develop your strategy, create your content, or manage your online presence with solutions that offer proven results without giving your budget a headache. For more information on our social media services or our digital agency in Melbourne, get in touch today!