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How To Recharge Conlog Prepaid Meter Token

How To Recharge Conlog Prepaid Meter Token

As the use of prepaid meter is gradually taking over the electricity industry, so also is the rise in trouble using the prepaid meter device.  HowTo Recharge Conlog Prepaid Meter TokenHow To Recharge Conlog Prepaid Meter Token

This article gives a detailed explanation of how to To Recharge Conlog Prepaid Meter Token and how to rectify a mistake. This article will teach you on how to load token on conlog prepaid meter, you are in the right place.

About Conlog Prepaid Meter

Conlog is an Electrical company specializing in the mass production of smart meters and other prepaid solutions. Asides from Nigeria, they are a dominant force in other parts of the world. They are very reliable, so their prepaid meters are one of the best in Nigeria. It has its Corporate Headquarters in Ikeja Lagos and has been operating for over 10 years.

In this guide, we will teach you ways by which you can load tokens on your conlog meter with no hassle, even as a first-timer. Also, we will answer questions that relate to the subject.

Here is how to load token on Conlog Prepaid Meter:

  1. The first step is to input your 11-digit meter number. Wait for a few seconds till you see the DONE display.
  2. Punch in your 20-digit token carefully to load your prepaid meter.
  3. Your credit token will load successfully into the meter if you do things correctly

Note: you can not load your prepaid token when there is no power i.e when “Re con” is on the display.

How to activate conlog prepaid meter (First-time Users)

If you have just gotten your Conlog prepaid meter, you may need to learn how to activate it. The reason is that you will not be able to recharge without activation.

After you have registered and they have commissioned your meter, your electricity distribution company should send you a meter activation token. This is 20-digits in number. They usually send this within  48Hours. You can visit their office to request the code if they do not.

To ascertain if your meter is activated, input the following code #030#. If the return code is 600492, then the meter is activated. Otherwise, you will need to follow go to the nearest disco office to get an activation token.

If your prepaid meter is activated or you just got the code, follow these steps:

  •  Enter your meter number if your meter number starts with 45 or 46. If not, you must type #046# followed by the meter number and enter.
  • Type in the first 20 digits of the meter activation token followed by the enter button.
  • Input the second 20 digits of your activation token, then enter.

Activating your prepaid meter is essential. Follow these steps for activation. If this does not work for you make an official report at your nearest disco office.

Steps to load your purchased prepaid meter token.

  1. Input the 11 digit meter number and wait for some seconds
  2. Input the 20 digit token to activate your prepaid meter (just input the 20digit and wait).
    My brother thought since there was no visible enter button so # must be the enter button and that caused the machine to send back error code.
    Follow the following step to rectify the error if you ever make the same mistake
  3. On request, your vendor will send 20digits code in two places.
  4. Input the 11 digit meter number
  5. Input the first 20 digit
  6. Input the second 20 digit and you should see “DONE” displayed which implies that the error has been rubbed off.

After this step, you can go back to the first step and your prepaid meter will be activated.

Conlog Prepaid Meter error CodesConlog Prepaid Meter

You may encounter certain errors when loading tokens on the Conlog prepaid meter. When you encounter these errors kindly report them to your nearest disco office for resolution.

Here is a list of Conlog prepaid meter error codes:

  1. E01—meter not initialized
  2. E02—meter isn’t calibrated
  3. E03 –  internal fault
  4. E04 –  no supply voltage
  5. E07— communication error between the meter and UIU
  6. E08—error with the wireless user interface
  7. E09—meter and UIU aren’t compatible
  8. E10—software problem
  9. E20 –  remote disconnection initiation

Note that these errors are to give you an idea of what is going on with your meter. This does not give you the leverage or open up your meter yourself. Also, do not call an electrician to help resolve the fault; report at your disco. They will send trained professionals with technical know-how to fix your prepaid meter. Tampering with your meter is a punishable offense.

Conclusion: How to load token on conlog prepaid meter

Loading credit tokens on your prepaid meter should not be so stressful after all. With the tips we have listed in this article, you should find it quite easy. If you run into any issues after following the above-listed steps, you can reach out to your distribution company’s customer care representatives. Alternatively, you can schedule a visit to their office to report your inability to load the token. They will send their technical representatives to your premises to resolve the issue.