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Modern House Plans – Four Cool Features

Modern House Plans – Four Cool Features

These four cool features can be found in modern house plans.

I. In today’s world of increasing violence and danger, many modern house plans include sophisticated security and surveillance systems. Some recent innovations in this field enable video monitoring software to detect unusual activity while it’s being filmed in real time, and then alert the homeowner or the police.

Additional security measures can be included in the plans as well. Recognition technology, like fingerprint scanners can be used to only allow recognized persons onto the property. Having these modern, hi-tech security measures, will allow the homeowner to sleep well at night.

II. The ability to control one’s entire environment is a much sought-after feature in modern house plans. People love the ability to control the temperature, lighting, music, and myriad other things found in their home.

A home technology expert can design a system, for example, that allows you to use voice recognition technology to instruct your “smart house” to dim all the lights, start playing romantic music over the built-in speakers, and also have the oven start baking the fresh Arctic Char.

III. With all the talk of global warming, more and more modern house plans are going “green”. There are many ways to design the structure of a house to maximize temperature control, which in turn cuts down energy consumption, as well as include many water-saving mechanisms in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Additionally, one can add solar panels or small wind turbines to generate all the electricity needs of the house. This of course will reduce reliance on coal and oil burning electric companies. Going modern means going “green”.

IV. Of course, any discussion of modern house plans would be incomplete, without a thorough overview of the latest trends in interior design. In this realm, it seems that simplicity is queen, and less is more.

A streamlined interior with minimalistic furniture really captures the modern spirit. Adding bright splashes of color on individual walls is also a popular way of making a room more interesting, without adding too much furniture or art.