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Natural Tactics to Overcome Depression Without Medication

Natural Tactics to Overcome Depression Without Medication

There are natural ways to overcome depression without medication that involve a holistic mind and body approach using several different strategies to address the symptoms. The best course of action for your particular situation will depend on the nature of your symptoms. Low level depression can often be self managed effectively, while more severe depression may benefit from professional help.

To heal depression naturally it’s important to remember that mood disorders have both a physical and psychological basis. Each case is highly individual, and it may not be obvious if one aspect plays a stronger role than the other. A thorough physical checkup may be helpful to provide some feedback in establishing a personalized course of action.

A general list of some areas to look at include:

  • unresolved emotional issues
  • stress reduction
  • diet and digestive health

Because trauma is a natural part of being human, unresolved emotional issues are often involved in depression. It’s common that skills for dealing with and resolving traumatic events are not fully developed while growing up, so sometimes we are unconsciously still carrying around the energy of unresolved emotions from earlier in life.

This situation affects all of us to varying degrees. Some researchers believe unresolved emotional issues are the root cause of most illness and disease. If you suspect that you may have unresolved trauma involving child and/or sexual abuse, the safest route would be some form of professional therapy. For less severe issues there are many self help options available to learn more effective management of emotions.

Stress management skills are an absolute necessity in today’s fast paced and quickly changing world, and even more so if you’re consistently experiencing some level of depression or anxiety.

Biofeedback, meditation and focused relaxation training can help you release stress before it builds up to harmful levels. Regular exercise is an easy and effective way to reduce your stress levels, and is especially helpful if your daily life tends to be sedentary.

Current research is revealing the important role diet and digestion play in the emotions we experience. The stomach and intestines have a very sensitive nervous system network called the enteric nervous system. Stress negatively affects this system which can result in indigestion, acid reflux or ulcers. Paying some attention to diet can be a good way to help heal depression naturally.

Highly processed foods can cause an allergic irritation in the digestive system because of the high levels of artificial additives it contains. Some improvement in depression symptoms may be noticed from simply switching from processed food to organic, natural food. Also finding and eliminating food allergens from the diet is important.

Supplements and Herbal Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

Nutritional supplements and herbal remedies are another approach that can help ease depression. Passionflower and St. John’s wort are two of the most popular herbs used for these issues, and can be very helpful if your symptoms include insomnia.

Some other supplements for depression include:

  • A high quality multi-vitamin supplement
  • Omega three fatty acids i.e. fish, flax or borage oil
  • Amino acids
  • 5-HTP
  • SAMe

A natural, holistic way to overcome depression without medication involves a strategy that considers unresolved emotional issues, stress reduction and diet adjustments. For an assessment of your condition as well as guidance on a personalized course of action, a naturopathic doctor or other natural health care provider can help.