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Now in Android #69. Compose Camp, MAD Skills: Compose… | by Meghan Mehta | Android Developers | Sep, 2022

Now in Android #69. Compose Camp, MAD Skills: Compose… | by Meghan Mehta | Android Developers | Sep, 2022
Illustration by Virginia Poltrack

Compose Camp, MAD Abilities: Compose, Android Studio Dolphin, AndroidX releases, Jetpack Compose Tracing, Deep Hyperlinks, and ADB.

Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing tutorial to what is new and noteworthy in the world of Android improvement.

Now in Android is also made available as a movie and podcast.

We launched Compose Camp, a collection of in-person and virtual sessions where you can find out how to build Android applications with Jetpack Compose along with your friends. Compose Camp has two tracks: the newbie keep track of caters to comprehensive Android newbies like men and women that have no coding encounter, and the seasoned track is for Android builders who want to discover how to migrate to Compose and quit making use of XML. Learning with a Google developer community is a fantastic way to link with pupils and friends in your industry, deal with technical worries alongside one another, and understand skills from each and every other that you can implement instantly to your initiatives. Seize your “camping gear” and see how you can take part in a Compose Camp near you in the publish!

Talking of Compose, Chris began a brand name new MAD Competencies series on Compose. This series is a fantastic location to get started to understand how to consider and get started constructing apps with Compose.

In the initially episode you will learn how to alter your contemplating to coding with Compose. Developing with Compose allows you concentrate on ‘what’, and not ‘how’, as opposed to the Check out system. In other words and phrases, you declare what you want your UI to contain, but you do not explain to it action-by-phase how to do it. Find out additional about how to feel in Compose in this episode!

The subsequent episode covers composable capabilities, the making blocks of Compose. You can make composable functions by applying the @Composable annotation. Mainly because composables are fast and simple to make, it is effortless to manage your UI into a library of reusable factors. Learn a lot more about how to create Composable features in this episode!

Android Studio Dolphin is right here! In this write-up, Takeshi goes about the a few critical themes: Jetpack Compose, Dress in OS, and advancement efficiency. Remarkable attributes consist of the Compose Animation Inspector, the Use OS Emulator Pairing Assistant, and Gradle managed virtual products. Discover about all the new options in the site put up or the video clip!

There has been a bunch of fascinating things produced in AndroidX recently. Notably, Annotation Variation 1.5. went steady and was absolutely migrated to Kotlin sources, ensuing in guidance for Kotlin-particular goal use internet sites and other Kotlin-appropriate annotation capabilities. Exercise Version 1.6. and Fragment Version 1.5.3 also went stable, DrawerLayout Edition 1.2. is in alpha01, and RecyclerView Version 1.3. is in rc01.

Ben coated Compose Composition Tracing, a new aspect that lets exhibiting Jetpack Compose composable functions in the Android Studio Flamingo program trace profiler. This element gives you the very low intrusiveness from method tracing, with approach tracing amounts of depth in composition. This is fantastic for examining your Compose app’s performance and doing the job out why your app may well not be executing as you count on. Understand far more about this feature in the post!

The Deep Backlinks Crash Training course proceeds with Summers writing an posting on troubleshooting deep one-way links. He goes around widespread concerns that can occur with deep inbound links and how to resolve them.

There has been one particular episode of Android Developers Backstage posted because the past Now in
Android. Examine it out at the connection beneath, or in your beloved podcast consumer:

In Episode 189: Video clip Meeting, Tor and Chet spoke with Marc, Toni, and Andrew from the Android Media workforce, the place they do the job on movie systems and APIs like ExoPlayer. We talked about the evolution of ExoPlayer and system media capabilities as well as ongoing and in the vicinity of-future capabilities.

That is it for this 7 days with Compose Camp, MAD Abilities: Compose, Android Studio Dolphin, AndroidX releases, Jetpack Compose Tracing, Deep One-way links, and a new episode of ADB.

Come back again listed here shortly for the next update from the Android developer universe.