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Online Earning in Pakistan – Aliraza.co –

Online Earning in Pakistan – Aliraza.co –
Online Earning in Pakistan – Aliraza.co –

Online earning is no more a myth, the folks with little to no skills can try their luck to earn online.

And without a doubt, all online earning methods are pretty legit, and we do not recommend employing any bad tricks to bypass the legal ways.

If you ask us what was the point of surge that sparked the online earning all around the world at this faster pace, we thank corona!

Due to corona’s widespread lockdowns, closure of established businesses, and shelving their work capacity to a certain percentage; this was the major blow to the world’s population as many witnessed depriving them away from their earning sources.

In the worst-case scenario, most of the job-losers had to compromise with their pangs of hunger resulting in leaving no way to earn bread and butter for their families.

But those with the adaptive mind were able to find them the new doors opening.

And the first one was (and is) to begin with the online sources to make good earnings.

Luckily, Pakistan was not left behind and the world acknowledged the positive surge in assembling the army of freelancers.

And today, we are going to help out our fellow Pakistanis to try their luck in getting started with online earning in Pakistan.

Where does Pakistan stand in the world’s freelancing rank?

Pakistan’s freelancing ranking is 4th.

The study conducted by the Oxford Internet Institute calculated the Online Labor Index in 2017 where ranked Pakistan as the world’s 4th top country producing the army of freelancers.

In 2022 and according to the live Online Labor Index (OLI), Pakistan stands at 7th place in the world and has an extensive share in different online industries.

Pakistan comes with the percentage of share in the following online industries;

  • Software Development and Technology = 35%
  • Creative and Multimedia = 17%
  • Clerical and Data Entry = 25%
  • Sales and Marketing Support = 9%
  • Writing and Translation = 11%
  • Professional Services = 2%

Note: The above data was last updated in January 2022.

So, freelancing is just one branch of the gigantic tree of online earning methods.

The Top Ways to Make Online Earning in Pakistan

There we have several workable methods that can help you to start earning online in Pakistan.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • People Per Hour (PPH)
  • Guru
  • 99designs
  • Swagbucks

In order to create jobs, gigs, and offers on these websites, you have to master certain skill(s) to do outstanding on these freelancing websites.

Having no or unpolished skills, working on these sites could not be your cup of tea.

The Most Demanding Online Skills in Pakistan

  • SEO
  • Graphics Designing
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • PPC

SEO — Most In-Demand Skill in Pakistan

Out of the blue, SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) goes as a myth. The people coming to know its term for the first time can often mislead its true meaning.

SEO is definitely an uncertain field where we do not know what will happen next.

But sticking to the proper knowledge, best whitehat practices cannot really jeopardize your career in SEO.

There are many individuals that are rocking the field despite the unwelcomed Google updates. And the only possible way is to go legit and practice legit all the time.

The few sub-branches of the top SEO jobs in Pakistan
  • Local SEO
  • On-page services
  • Off-page services
  • Link Building
  • SEO supervisor/manager/executive
  • Affiliate site SEO
  • eCommerce store SEO

Graphic Designing — Creative but Highly Competitive Skill in Pakistan

Another creative field is the big vast graphics design.

And you would witness many institutes offering to learn graphics designing.

That is the reason this has sparked the heavy competition due to almost everyone turning to learn graphics design.

The notable Graphics Designing Jobs in Pakistan
  • Logo and Banner Design
  • Visiting Cards
  • Marriage Cards
  • Fliers and Banners
  • Content Design
  • Branding
  • Crafting Graphics using tools like AI, Corel Draw, and more

Web Development — Most High-Paying Online Skill in Pakistan

Some serious lads who know the worth of web development i.e. coding out the apps, websites, plugins, software, and what more.

That involves an extensive level of knowledge and practice before employing it as a career and full-time job because you have to code out in full and cannot leave it in the middle expecting the code would work.

Notable online jobs available in Pakistan under the umbrella of Web Development
  • Python Developer
  • Front-End and Back-End Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • NodeJS Developer
  • UX/UI Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Application Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • MySQL Developer
  • System Administrator

These are a few of the web development job titles that you can go after.

Content Writing — Highest-in-Demand but Less Covered Online Job in Pakistan

There is no less demand in the field of content writing.

Everyone needs content be it a generic site, eCommerce store, affiliate site, AdSense sites, and everything.

Despite this ever-growing demand for content, the problem is we can hardly have a good content writer from Pakistan.

That is not the highest degree of a problem but it is almost the same worldwide there is a shortage of good content writers.

So, if you master this art (not a skill), you would never see a shortage of work. And if you turn out to become a known figure in the domain of content writing, you would have to sacrifice your sleep cycle due to delivering the content queued up.

The Notable Content Writing job titles available in Pakistan
  • Affiliate Content
  • AdSense/Informative Content
  • APK Site Content
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Ghost Writing

Do not see academic/essay writing in the list? We did not forget to mention it but consider it untrue to practice.

Sorry but that is our stance and we would not want to provide further clarification of unliking academic/essay writing.

If you feel like doing it, you must.

Copywriting — One Elite-Class Online Job in Pakistan

One step upgraded form of content writing, copywriting involves the short but on-point and focused content surrounding the pages, products, services, and more.

Copywriting is best practiced for the sake of inciting the visitors to turn into your customers.

Precise and on-point; the real essence of winning the customers through your words.

So, its upgrade version is a clear sign of earning more than the typically experienced content writers.

The copywriters charge hefty if we better say, so being experienced in copywriting takes you to enjoy the great results because every copywriting write-up brings the best business to your customers (in ideal situations.)

Notable Copywriting jobs in Pakistan
  • Digital Copywriter
  • Creative Copywriter
  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Social Media Copywriter
  • Editor
  • Product Copywriter
  • Freelance Copywriter
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Website Copywriter

The recent boom of affiliate marketing in Pakistan has toppled all the earning records. With the inception of world-class pieces of training offered by the top-notch folks in Pakistan doing wonders at the affiliate marketing level, the guys have raised some genius minds rocking it from top to bottom.

With it, you can start your own affiliate website against the minimal budget by paying for hosting and domain.

It heavily involves SEO and content writing, so you must have a good grip over these two avenues or you can outsource depending on the budget.

But believe us, the results of investing the money plus a few months would make you o experience a sudden surge in your finances.

By the way, we have covered everything about affiliate marketing for you to better understand how affiliate marketing works and how beneficial it could be for your future.

PPC — One Best High-Paying Skill in Pakistan

PPC, and managing the clients to provide PPC services are proportionally directed to the budgets allocated by your clients.

Trying this skill requires experience as per the demand set by the clients.

And when you have prior experience with PPC, you are all set to make records in crafting the revenue quadrupling ROI of the client and see the boom that your client pays to you.

This is possible only by mastering this PPC skill — Proper usage and doing what you are doing is what matters the most to make successful PPC campaigns.

If you really want to learn this skill, then do not worry about it.

We have been providing the PPC and SEO trainingfor a while making our esteemed students master it.

There we cover Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads, the vital ingredient of running successful PPC campaigns using the best tested practices.

But why go with us?

Well, we are Google and Facebook Certified and known as the top 10 Digital Marketers from Pakistan, and the top 10 Pakistani Bloggers.

So, you get what we have!


We expect you to take action. It already is 2022; the opportunities are waiting for you.

With all the hassles that we generally face in real-life being in Pakistan, do not make them your excuses to procrastinate. Get on the bandwagon, leave the idea of increased competition, and start your online earning in Pakistan to help yourself, your family, and your Pakistan.