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Poker Tips- 4 Fundamental Poker Tips for Successful Poker Play – Part II

Poker Tips- 4 Fundamental Poker Tips for Successful Poker Play – Part II

In Poker Tips: 4 Fundamental Poker Tips for Successful Poker Play – Part I we talked about two key fundamental poker tips that can help quickly improve your play. We looked at how two seemingly opposite strategies, patience and aggression, together can make up an important part of playing successful texas holdem poker.

Now let’s take a look at fundamental poker tips three and four and how they can help improve your poker play.

Table Image

This is one of the most important aspects of the game. As poker tips go, there are few as vital as maintain good table image.

Texas Holdem Poker is a very cerebral game. You don’t merely attempt to get a better hand than everyone else, you attempt to find out how good everyone else’s hand is.

And vice versa, they try to figure you out as well. So, make sure you portray an image of strength by only playing good hands. Don’t bluff early, or you’ll get called early. Lay down good cards and your opponents will expect good cards, and when you bluff later, they will find it hard to call you.

Your opponents

Which brings up the next point. Pay close attention to your opponents. The early bits of the game are incredibly vital, as you lay down nearly all of your cards off the bat. Watch the hands that do play, observing your opponents and their habits, their ticks, their tells (if they have any).

Try to get a good idea of your fellow poker players early and it might come in handy when you play them head to head.

There are hundreds more poker tips [http://www.winningtexasholdempokertips.com/texasholdemarticles.html] out there, enough to fill a library of books on the subject, but keep these basics in mind. Poker tips are a dime a dozen, but the fundamentals you should never forget.