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Sony Ericsson W302 – A True Music Phone For All

Sony Ericsson W302 – A True Music Phone For All

The Sony Ericsson W302 is an adorable phone which comes in a sleek design body. This mobile phone comes in glossy black coloured casing and shiny white coloured casing. The weight of this compact handset is of only 78 grams, that is why, one can slide it into the pocket or can easily carry in hand. The dimensions of this smart handset include 100 x 46 x 10.5 mm, which make it slim model. This gadget is a latest member of the famous brand Sony Ericsson Music Phones which include many different style Walkman music phones.

This compact W302 model comes with a TFT screen which displays a crystal clear imaging and its display resolution is of 176 x 220 pixels which allows the user to view organiser, images, videos in most perfect manner. It has a built-in digital camera of 2.0 mega pixel along with 2.5 digital zoom feature which makes it possible to view quite clearly even far-off things. The users can send their images to other blog sites and then their loved ones or others can view the pictures by accessing the blog sites. Furthermore, video recording feature of this Sony Ericsson W302 is highly appreciated by the users. The users can record special moments of their lives, which they do not want to miss. An individual can use his own image as wallpaper to decorate the screen. Or, they can use the existing wallpapers to personalise the screen.

The user can connect the Sony Ericsson W302 to the PC or other compatible devices through Bluetooth or USB. The only difference between Bluetooth an USB is one can share data through Bluetooth wirelessly with compatible devices whereas, USB is meant to transfer data with the help of the data cable. This sophisticated mobile phone also supports EDGE technology which allows the user to transfer data at very high speed to other devices. This smart gadget supports the Quad band technology network such as GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900. Thus, user can switch his network while roaming.This Sony Ericsson W302 music phone has a built-in Walkman music player. It supports MP3 format which is highly sought by the music lovers. The Walkman music player comes with two different feature such as TrackID and Play Now download features which are greatly applauded by the music lovers. With the help of Play Now download service, one can download the new ringtones onto their phone. The TrackID music feature which is a part of the Play Now download service enhances the level entertainment. It works as a music recognition feature. With this feature one can record several seconds of music and it helps user know about the music tracks, artist etc. Apart from these, it has a built-in FM and AM Radio with RDS feature. One can tune into the different radio frequencies.

Besides all above mentioned attributes, the Sony Ericsson W302 comes loaded with preloaded Java games for game loving users. And they can experience the 3D effects on the screen while playing the games. One can access the Internet from anywhere and can enjoy the facilities of world wide web. The Sony Ericsson W302 has internal storage memory of about 20 MB and the storage capacity of the device can further be extended with the help of its Micro M2 Memory support card. Thus, you can store data in this small beautifully designed device. The battery backup of this device is quite good. It provides you the standby backup of about 300 hours, that means, when not in use. And its talk time backup is of about 7 hours, when fully charged.This amazing Walkphone music phone is very nice option for all music lovers.