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Track Those Leftovers With This Little Timer

Track Those Leftovers With This Little Timer

We’ve all at some point in our life opened the fridge door and straight away wished we hadn’t. A miasma of stench envelops us as we explore that past Saturday’s leftovers have been neglected, and have gone off. If only we had some way to retain observe of these kinds of factors, to keep away from these types of a stench-laden moment. Move ahead [ThinkLearnDo], with a minimal timer designed for precisely that purpose.

The procedure is easy ample, press the button and location the unit on leading of the container with the leftovers in it. If you have not eaten the leftovers inside a 7 days, the LED will commence blinking. The blink is a subtle reminder to offer with the outdated meals just before it will become a challenge.

Onboard is a Holtek HT68F001 microcontroller with a coin cell for electricity, not much else is necessary. The Holtek is an uncommon option, one particular of a number of brand names of super-economical Chinese microcontrollers we see significantly less generally than ATmegas and STM32s. This is exactly the put where by such a nominal personal computer suits properly:  a way to add a very little bit of smarts to a incredibly low-priced merchandise with minimum pressure on the BoM.

If these chips desire you, a whilst back again we lined a operate-down of the distinct families such as the Holtek and the well-known 3-cent Padauk chips.