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What Makes Drupal 8 The Best Choice for Business Owners? Know The Reasons

What Makes Drupal 8 The Best Choice for Business Owners? Know The Reasons

A dynamic and powerful content management system is something that every website needs to satisfy the users and also to remain competitive in the market. Various organizations choose to use Drupal development and switch over to the latest version of the software while many others have converted from the competitor open source software like WordPress, Joomla and etc. because of the added functionalities that comes together with the Drupal 8 platform. However, there are various considerations related to upgrades, security features, requirements that you should know before selecting Drupal for your website.

Customizable and scalable:

The latest Drupal version and its modules can easily be customized and scaled as per the business requirements and this helps to contribute to the growth, improvement and innovation of the business. The RESTful API easily connects with other apps and helps the developers to use JSON or HTML for faster and secure data transfer. The latest version also supports multilingual capabilities on the back end and this enables to build sites that can quickly translate them into various other languages.

Authoring experience:

Earlier authoring in Drupal was extremely consistent and was entirely dependent on the efforts of the developer to make writing and editing easy. Out of the box, Drupal had nothing much to offer, but the wide range of modules can be put together to make a wonderful editing experience if the developers took initiatives. But Drupal 8 has come up with a good user experience right out of the box and the authoring environment has also been revamped and is based on extensive usability testing and has the capability to match or beat other CMSs in the market.

Mobile experience:

Drupal 8 has come up with various features that helps to easily manage the site from any smartphone. The responsive experience works well for a wide range of devices and so you don’t have to create a separate mobile site. Drupal 8 development makes it a great platform to serve content to mobile apps, web apps or any other place where you want specific data. The “Headless Drupal” is supported and this means that whatever application the users use; it can pull data from Drupal without visiting the site itself.

High growth potential:

Another reason behind business owners choosing the Drupal development platform is that it has hidden strengths to change and help your organization grow. You can easily start developing your start up business with a very small or a basic brochure site and then gradually keep adding features, workflows, scheduling systems, ecommerce groups and etc. to make it feature rich and fulfil your specific business purpose. The latest version of Drupal now uses much more standard industry practice of dependency injection and object orientation and this ultimately makes the end results far more reliable and dependable with fewer conflicts.

Matured platform:

Drupal has been a popular CMs for creating arbitrary databases of content online and bigger organizations have always appreciated the strong group and role capabilities to manage permissions, workflows and access. It had some structural problems that made it difficult to troubleshoot conflicts, make any upgrades and even experience different ways to complete the same task. But with Drupal 8, things have changed and the core has been replaced with an object oriented system that has made upgrades easier. Today, it is a matured platform offering varied features and functionalities to both the users and the developers.

The Drupal 8.4 beta release:

The latest release has added additional improvements and stability giving the developers and site builders the chance to upgrade to the latest version. Drupal has come up with improved tools for content authoring, performance and scalability, site administration and developer experience. Drupal 8 had certain file usage tracking bugs and Drupal 8.4 has disabled the automatic deletion of files. In the earlier versions, data from draft revisions, books and menus could leak into the live site and this issue is fixed and also similar problems in the Content moderation module.