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YLOD Fix: Fix Your PS3 Yellow Light Error Easily

YLOD Fix: Fix Your PS3 Yellow Light Error Easily

Are you a PS3 gamer? If you are, then surely you have encountered or heard from someone about the YLOD or Yellow Light of Death. For Xbox gamers the RROD is the frequent problem but for PS3 users the YLOD is its counterpart. But like any other problem, there is a solution and you can find PS3 YLOD Repair online.

Searching online for PlayStation 3 Yellow Light Of Death Fix is the first thing you must do to know where to purchase a PS3 YLOD Repair. Others might think that if the yellow light appeared and kept on blinking then eventually turned their console has no more hope and that they should just buy a new one and replace it. Well, if you have plenty of cash then you might just do this but if you’re short on cash then you may think of a way to get it fixed.

The YLOD is something that even you can fix especially if you can find a good manual that will teach you all the necessary things to do to get it fixed. So there is no need for you to go to a professional or send back your console to the manufacturer. Finding a professional to fix your console will cost you money and you have to wait for a long to make it fix. And you can only send your console back to Sony if you have a valid warranty, but if you don’t then you will have to pay the repair. But if you do it yourself, you don’t only save money but your precious time.

Here is a quick fix that you can try:

Usually consoles are put in a place that cannot be moved so there are many dusts that have gathered around it and maybe also inside it. So the first thing to do is to clean it up, just make sure to unplug it before you do. Then if your console is placed in an area that doesn’t let it breathe or let out the hot air inside, then you should move it to a place where it can properly vent out to prevent it from overheating. Sometimes the problem is just due to overheating, so you may want to move your console to prevent this problem. When finding a solution to your console’s problem, you have to know the cause first so that you can fix it correctly and not damage it further.

After unplugging it for 30 minutes, plug it back it then remove the hard drive. And if you have a spare or a new one, then replace your hard drive. Before closing it, you will have to check all the connections and wires and make sure that you have plugged it back in.

It doesn’t sound hard does it? You can try to find PlayStation 3 Yellow Light Of Death Fix guides online, they provide video tutorials to make it easier for you.