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Apple IPhone – A Smartphone With Multi-Touch Screen

Apple IPhone – A Smartphone With Multi-Touch Screen

The Apple iPhone is a well-known communicating device from the house of Apple. The highly advanced mobile telephony features as well as stunning design of the gadget turns the head of the onlooker at the very first glance. One could say that the gadget is a perfect blend of performance and utility.

And the best part is that it comes with easy-to-use touchscreen controls, iPod features as well as image setting options. Besides the multimedia capabilities, this iPhone from Apple also offers some of the latest and the best connectivity options for downloading or sharing important files with other compatible devices.With a small and sleek profile, the handset measures 115mm in height, 61mm in width and 11.6mm thickness and weighs 135grams. The users can easily carry this compact gadget in purses or pockets. The casing of the Apple iPhone comes in a selection of popular colours namely – glossy black and white.

The huge multi-coloured touchscreen of the handset acts as a brilliant display for viewing the data and vibrant graphics. The screen measures 3.5 inches and provides a high resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. As a matter of fact, the multicolored screen is based on a new Mac OS X based user-interface.The owners are able to type in messages on this device, as the iPhone displays a touch QWERTY keyboard on its widescreen. This advanced keyboard comes complete with predictive text that automatically corrects the typing errors. Therefore, it can be said that this QWERTY keyboard provides a user-friendly input method. The owners can enjoy creating text messages, multimedia messages as well as emails, using the touch keyboard. The email facility on the Apple comes with graphics, images & photo attachments as well.

The built in touchscreen music controls help the owners to play, pause, rewind and fast forward the music on the MP3 player. Moreover, the owners can view their album covers on the wide screen. Apart from that, the iPhone comes with a touchscreen search facility that can be used for searching by song, album, artist or playlists. The advanced controls and easy to create music playlists make the gadget all the more interesting. The integrated camera and video capabilities are used for capturing the still images and short videos. The advanced photo management applications provide the users with perfect finish to each and every shot. Like the music capabilities, the video functions can also be controlled by a mere touch.This handset provides real mobile Internet experience to the users. The built-in safari Internet browser can make life easy for the people who need to remain connected with the latest developments taking place. The high-end connectivity options include EDGE, Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi for fast & efficient data & file transfers. This handset works well over a GSM quad-band network that allows seamless communication, across the world.

The Apple iPhone is available in two memory options i.e. 4GB and 8GB. Therefore, depending upon the storage requirements, the owners can opt for either of the two. This massive memory storage allows the users to store the varied content without any problem. This smartphone comes with a fitted battery that provides up to 16 hours worth of music playback and approximately 5 hours of talk time, which includes call time, video time as well as Internet browsing time.