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HTC HD2 Raises the Bar for Windows Mobile Devices

HTC HD2 Raises the Bar for Windows Mobile Devices

The Windows Mobile 6 was released several months ago and even though we tested some devices at that time that featured the new OS, the result didn’t cheer us too much. While Microsoft was not doing to well in regards to their latest update of their OS, the same thing cannot be said in regards to the HTC HD2 OS. The user interface, Touch FLO 3D was really way better than what Microsoft was able to offer.

But since HTC doesn’t only make visual changes in regards to everything that they put on the market, we had the time to get their latest phone, the HTC HD2 and take a closer look at it. The specs feature a capacitive touch screen of 4.3 inches with a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels. Yes, it is greater than what the iPhone has to offer. The phone has 448 RAM memory and 512 ROM memory, comes with the famous Snap Dragon CPU clocked at 1 GHZ, G sensor, Wi-Fi, dual band UMTS, Bluetooth, Quad band GSM, Windows Mobile version 6.5 and A-GPS. On top of the fact that the technical specifications are very impressive, the phone also features a 5 MP camera that boasts out a dual LED flash.

When it comes to the hardware of the HTC HD2, it really is impressive, nothing to comment about that and even though many users will be a little disappointed to see the Windows Mobile version 6.5 on it, they will surely be surprised of its performances.


The camera of the phone is truly superior and if you used other phones out there which featured a camera with the same number of megapixels, then you will surely be able to gauge the difference between this phone’s cam and another’s. The fact that it features a dual led flash gives it a good advantage. The camera also features autofocus capabilities and if you want, you can also tap it to focus. That is really a nice option.


I wish things were better at this chapter, but unfortunately they are not. If you are someone who uses such a phone just to browse the internet, then the battery will be enough for you. But if you are willing to engage into other activities, like video recording, taking photos, then the battery will not even last for a single day. The 1230 mAh Li-Ion battery will just not cut through.

The keyboard

There have been some changes regarding it and features the haptic feedback. If you want to get extra numbers and letters, you will just need to tap and hold on the keyboard. Even though it is a nice addition, the accuracy is not really that great.


You will be pleasantly surprised to see that Opera is the main browser of the phone. To zoom in and out, you will need to tap twice. It is a great browser and a good surprise to the phone’s users.

In summary, I highly recommend the HTC HD2, it’s unique large LCD display along with its powerful process will make this small computer looks really smart inside your pocket.