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Web Application Development: Overview of the Process

Web Application Development: Overview of the Process

Web App Development growth has been exponential ever since the internet has found entry into the places that are usually not accessible to any business representative. The interactive of the web app is the primary concern of the web designer just because at the end of the day, the revenue generation is going to be directly dependent on the B2C and B2B interactions of the web application.

The process of development can be segregated into 4 stages.

Stage 1: Defining the Application

The first stage of development needs to serve as preparatory platform of the application. The scope of the app needs to be clarified. This stage determines the goal, purpose, direction and features of the application project. The economic feasibility of the project needs to be studied and analyzed. This stage includes the scheduling of the time frame within which the development process needs to be completed. The future projections and objectives need to be ascertained.

The last step of this stage is the documentation of what needs to be achieved with the help of the web application. This stage should serve as a guideline for the other stages that follow.

Stage 2: Identification of resources

For any web-application development a set of resources is needed. The resources include the visual and functional specifications that are needed to make the web app. attractive. Appropriate techniques and technology need to be listed so that the web app. is easy to download and use. The architecture of the web app. needs to be schemed in this second stage of application development. It is in this stage that the scripting of the application and timing of project completion is worked out.

Stage 3: Web app. development

It is in this third stage that the framework and the structure of the web-application are created. The data variables are identified. This stage involves the determination of the procedure of coding and the entities that are to be used. There is customization of the libraries, web app model and the classes. This stage culminates with the complete development and preliminary implementation of the web application.

Stage 4: Testing

This final stage of the development process is very crucial. It is in this stage that the preliminary implementation of the web app is tested for meeting the purpose with which it is designed and developed. The security and functional perspective of the web app is checked. If any issues are identified, they are resolved before getting escalated. All measures are taken to make the application fully stable, functional and secured. This stage serves as a platform for not only launching the application into the market but also directing the functioning of the customer support department.

A professional web application development service provider needs to be transparent and update the client with progress at every stage.