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The ABC’s of Internet Success

The ABC’s of Internet Success

The first truth I want you to hold on to is the fact that nothing good comes free or cheap: looking for free stuffs? Then you are not ready for a big success. Good success will cost you something, and it is not something that will not pinch you, it will cost you something that will sometimes pain you. That thing may be your money, time, sleep, denial of too much freedom to socialize with others and so on. From the onset I am telling you to be ready to pay the price for success if you are going to make anything out of your internet businesses.


It will cost you money; internet business is an investment, much like the real world, it takes time for your investment to yield meaningful interest. If you want a quick result on your investment, you have to invest another thing. And that thing is your time; it takes time for the investment to grow, but as you mix your monetary investment with time investment, it will quicken the rate of returns. You must be ready to take time to work it out, as you put in more time, your profit will increase with less time duration. The more time you give to the development of your internet business the less time it takes to bring dividends and profit.

Another thing to invest is your talent; whatever God has given you is a seed to be used as investment to your advantage. Capitalize on that talent, use it in the pursuit of your internet profit and money quest, whatever your talent, you can make use of it to profit even as an internet business man or woman. Your talent is your power to rocket you up to the space of successful living, use the talent to rake in unlimited amount of money not just ones in a while but all the time.


Success in any endeavor is almost impossible without a mastery use of some indispensable tools. The effectiveness of the tool used will affect the outcome of the job done. The very first thing I want to do in this write-up is to give you the tools that will help you make a success of your businesses.

The first instrument or tool is this, a payment processor. This tool will help you to buy stuffs, collect money for things you offer for sale on the internet and so on. They are very many, we have PayPal, ClickBank, elertpay, libertyreserve and so on. If you are operating from Nigeria, I want to introduce you to the best payment processor in Nigeria called fastecash.com. It’s free to join and you can join now and in the next few minutes you can be the proud owner of a fastecash.com account.

And you will be up and running with your account. You will need to fund this account to use it; the money in it is yours, much like your bank account. You will need to upgrade your account to premium or classic if you want to use it to sell your information products as a Nigerian, you can sell stuffs and collect the money in naira or dollars even while you sleep. This system will do the job for you, just put in your product and all necessary information, and forthwith, you will continue to rake in your profit. I encourage you to stop right now and just register with them right away before it is too late, who knows they may decide to change their mind to begin charging people for joining, why not join now while it is still free?

Another powerful instrument for your online success is a forum. I want you to know that there is a lot powerful information that is freely available in forums. Now, there are many forums out there, but I can only recommend two that will really help you make the most of your online businesses, these two forums are compulsory for anyone who really want to succeed in the least possible time online. The reason been that there are so many internet gurus posting opinions on these forums, these gurus spend a good time with their business associates, friends and loved ones on these forums that I want to introduce to you.

Register today with naijanetwarriors, it is one of the best internet forums in Nigeria. Almost all the internet gurus in Nigeria post powerful articles that will help up-coming internet business man like you. You have the opportunity to contribute to other people’s posts, ask questions from the very best internet brains in Nigeria and get ready answers free of charge. You can also advertise for free in the free advertisement zone.

The second forum is called warrior forum found at warriorforum, this is the best business forum on planet earth, you cannot afford to overlook this big opportunity to join the best brains in internet matters on earth. You have a lot to learn by joining the two forums mentioned above, all for free. Do it now and learn more directly from them.


1. One super idea
2. Your own personal e-mail address/addresses
3. A merchant account to enable you process and receive credit card payments, you need one from your locality (Nigeria), another one that can cater for your international clients.
4. A domiciliary account that will help you to keep international currency which can be run from anywhere in the world.
5. A firm focus on one thing, the internet is full of various attractive things that can distract your attention from the main thing. You need a high level of discipline to be able to cope with the very high level of attractive businesses; you cannot do everything at the same time.
6. Pick one or a maximum of three ideas from the ideas shared in this e-book; follow it with full focus and serious hard work.
7. Show an undying interest on any business you decide to go for.