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Challenge: Menu bar extras with SwiftUI – Discover

Challenge: Menu bar extras with SwiftUI – Discover
Challenge: Menu bar extras with SwiftUI – Discover

And now, a temporary information from your mate, the Mac menu bar:

Hello! 👋🏻 I’m the menu bar! I often really like producing File → New Close friends. We could have initial met in the early 1980s, but I’ve only gotten additional strong and helpful (Format → Font → Humble Brag).

I have often experienced thoughts. For the duration of the 90s, I was the just one who informed you you were exceptional each night (Exclusive → Rest). I have frequent viewpoints about what time it is. And I really don’t necessarily mean to Window → Lessen my contributions, but even Siri wants to dangle out with me.

I have enjoyed capturing your total attention for some yrs. But now I’ve determined to share the Spotlight. Menu bar extras have arrived in SwiftUI!

So this is your challenge: Create me a menu bar added in SwiftUI that I’d wear with satisfaction. I’d fall down with joy if you’d make a minor utility for me, and I might be a click higher than ecstatic if you gave me the honor of web hosting a modest part of your app.

Start off the obstacle

To assist you establish a menu bar additional and comprehensive the Mac menu bar’s challenge, we have compiled a number of sources to aid you get started out:

Provide multiple windows to your SwiftUI application

Learn the most recent SwiftUI APIs to assist you existing windows inside your app’s scenes. We’ll investigate how scene styles like MenuBarExtra can support you quickly construct additional kinds of applications using SwiftUI. We’ll also present you how to use modifiers that customise the presentation and behavior of your application…


Discover the Human Interface Recommendations for menu bar extras

We welcome you to go to the SwiftUI Study Hall to collaborate on this problem! Question issues, connect with other builders, and share your creations.

And to shut out this challenge, just one more observe from the menu bar:

Make confident you File → Share with me what you did on Twitter with the hashtag #WWDC22Difficulties. We hope you’ve had a terrific Edit → Pick out All → WWDC22!