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Factors to Consider While Choosing Mobile Development Framework

Factors to Consider While Choosing Mobile Development Framework

Developers, these days, have a good number of options while choosing a mobile development framework. However, not every framework enables you to build your app the way you want. Each one will have its unique features and issues. Here are some factors to consider while choosing a mobile development framework.

Paid or free
Licensed versions will have more features compared to freeware; however, the choice depends on the requirements of the application to be built. Many free platforms enable you to build popular app types including content apps, social media apps, games, mapping and navigation apps, etc.

Technologies it supports
Java, HTML, CSS, Java Script and jQuery are some basic technologies you can expect from a good framework. More and more developers are turning to HTML5, as it makes cross-platform app creation easy and cost-effective.

Multi-platform compliant
There are many models of mobile devices available in the market today, each with its own platform. iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Symbian and Windows to name a few. In the initial stages of app development, a developer could create an app for a single platform only. However, the evolution of cross-platform frameworks (and HTML5) enabled cross-platform mobile app development and expanded the options for developers. If you plan to use your app on more than one platform, be sure to find a framework that enables you to do so.

Conversion to native apps
Most systems will help developers build web apps, but converting them to native apps is a lengthy and difficult process. There are very few platforms in the market that enable developers to convert web apps to native apps in one click.

While developing apps for multiple platforms, compiling an app for each and every platform is a pain-staking process for developers. If there is a small change to the source code, entire app needs to be recompiled for the changes to apply. Check if your framework eases this recompiling issue for you.

Enterprise data synchronization
This is important for business apps with frequently-updating content. You need a framework that will help your mobile device communicate with a SQL server database. Not many frameworks provide this feature. If your app requires such technology, you need to recheck if it is supported by your mobile development framework.

Though there are many mobile development frameworks, very few provide the space and support the developers look for. The above factors will help you in choosing a right mobile app development framework.