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How Old Are The Cast And Their Partners?

How Old Are The Cast And Their Partners?

The Real Housewives of Dubai gives fans of the franchise a look into the glittering life of the rich and fabulous in the United Arab Emirates, as Dubai is the first international city to host an entire season of Housewives. The first season premiered on June 1, 2022, and fans are already obsessed with the ultra-glamorous cast.

All six housewives are moms to at least one child and have their own business ventures outside of their husbands. Fans have lots of questions about who the housewives are outside the show and want to know more about their partners.


6 Nina and Munaf Ali

Nina Ali is 42 years old, while her husband Munaf is four years her senior at 46 years old. The couple had been married for ten years before appearing on the show. Both Nina and Munaf run successful businesses, including Nina’s thriving fruit cake business, that have allowed them to have their lavish lifestyle. Munaf was involved with banking but switched to cryptocurrency and continues to work with finance. With Nina living in Texas when they met, Nina and Munaf had a lone distance relationship until they married.

The couple has three children together, two daughters and one son. Nina is a Libra, while Munaf is a Virgo. Nina is very open about her life in Dubai on social media, especially on her Instagram. In the first episode, Nina expressed her love of crystals, and her Texas upbringing influenced how she expresses her spirituality.

5 Chanel Ayan and Chris

Chanel Ayan is 43 years old, and until the first episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai, the internet was unsure of who her husband was. However, fans now know Ayan has been married to her husband, Chris, for 23 years and Ayan has made it very clear that she and Chris have been together her entire adult life, despite some news outlets reporting otherwise. Chris is very private and has a small social media following, leaving his age and birthday a question for many fans.

The couple has one child, Taj, who appears on the show often. Chanel Ayan is Dubai’s first black supermodel and is still modeling for luxury brands. She is the most recent addition to the long list of Real Housewives who were or are models. From the first episode, it seems Chanel Ayan may be painted as the season’s villain.

4 Caroline Brooks

Caroline Brooks RHODubai

Caroline Brooks is 36 years old and a native of Boston, Massachusetts. Caroline is no longer married and has one son she raises independently. As one of Dubai’s first female real estate directors, Caroline Brooks has built her empire in the real estate industry but now focuses on her budding luxury spa business. Caroline does not have a boyfriend as of the premiere of the show and doesn’t seem interested in looking for a love match right now.

Caroline has already cemented herself as the Queen B, a trope often seen in The Real Housewives franchise. As a Leo, Caroline has a strong personality and is ready to be the leader of any group, including the other housewives.

3 Dr. Sara Al Madani

The Real Housewives of Dubai Dr. Sara Al Madani

Dr. Sara Al Madani is 36 years old and has several businesses listed on her Instagram that she is involved with, whether directly or through investments. Sara is currently unmarried and has two divorces, which she doesn’t speak about on the show beyond acknowledging that she is divorced. Like her cast mate Caroline Brooks, Sara is a single mom focused on her career and raising her children.

Sara was born on January 20, making her an Aquarius, which may explain her tendency to push against social standards, such as having tattoos and piercings which are often looked down upon by her culture. Sara is one of the few cast members to be born and raised in the UAE, while most of her other cast members are ex-pats or from different countries but moved to Dubai for business. Sara has expressed her love of her culture but isn’t afraid to challenge gender norms instilled in her as a child, however she values tradition and often shows how she implements them in her daily life on the show.

2 Lesa Milan

Lesa Milan is the youngest cast member at 33 years old and is an Aries, while her husband, Richard Hall, is 41 years old and a Leo. The couple has three children who appear on the show, often seen enjoying the pool and lavish yard at the Milan-Hall household. Lesa is of Jamaican-American descent, and her husband is British. TV Guide reports that Richard is a finance manager, while Lesa runs a successful luxury maternity fashion line, Mina Roe, and the line is expanding as well, which fans see on the show.

Lesa runs a blog that gives her followers a glimpse into her life as a mother and her marriage. Recently Lesa has appeared in several magazines like Women’s Health, while promoting the show and her businesses.

1 Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo

Caroline Stanbury is the oldest in the cast at 46, and her new husband, Sergio Carrallo, is 27. Sergio is a former professional soccer player who played for Real Madrid. Their age gap is often a topic of discussion between the other wives. Caroline was married once before, which she says is what brought her to Dubai from London. However, Caroline made her fortune as a stylist and continues to live in luxury because of it.


Caroline has three children from her previous marriage, who are seen on the show. The children often buttheads with their mother as they adjust to their new step-father. Her wedding on the show will make her another Bravo reality star married on one of their series. Caroline is a Taurus, which may explain why she is stubborn about getting her way and ensuring all her pre-wedding celebrations are exactly how she wants them. Caroline hosts a podcast with her current husband discussing divorce and relationships.

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