Podcast: Privacy Updates from WWDC 2022: SKAdNetwork expansion and Fingerprinting (with Alex Bauer)

Dhanisa Mashilfa

My guest for this episode of the MDM Podcast is Alex Bauer, the Head of Item and Sector Tactic at Branch, the cell measurement and linking enterprise. We talk about the revelations from Apple’s WWDC meeting previous 7 days that are most vital for cell advertisers: 1) the expansion of Apple’s SKAdNetwork measurement framework, 2) Apple’s prohibition of aggregated measurement methods, and 3) Apple’s pretty very clear and strident proclamation that Fingerprinting is By no means Allowed.

This job interview assumes very a bit of information on the portion of the listener. For history, see these article content:

Dear Apple: These modifications will improve SKAdNetwork for advertisers (history on SKAdNetwork)

How to scale and improve marketing and advertising shell out with SKAdNetwork (history on SKAdNetwork)

Apple to Ad Tech: “Fingerprinting is Never Allowed” (overview of Apple’s stance on Fingerprinting as said at WWDC 2022)

Is SKAdNetwork 4. a turning point for mobile advertising and marketing: Privacy with Goal? (overview of Apple’s expansion of SKAdNetwork as discovered at WWDC 2022)

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