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This Is Why a Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel Hasn’t Happened

This Is Why a Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel Hasn’t Happened

Jack Skellington makes a spider snowflake

Screenshot: Disney Studios

When marketing Netflix’s upcoming Wendell & Wild, director Henry Selick was featured in dialogue with Collider at the Toronto International Movie Festival, wherever he discussed if he and Nightmare Ahead of Christmas creator Tim Burton were being ever approached for a sequel to the 1993 beloved quit-motion film Selick directed. Unsurprisingly, the respond to is “yes.”

In the discussion, Selick shared that a “sequel has arrive up a number of situations,but “initially, they normally stated, ‘But it will have to be CG.’ And that was a non-starter for me. It absolutely was for Tim Burton.”

As Nightmare’s Oogie Boogie might say, “You’re joking, you are joking, since how can you consider of stripping away the prevent-motion magic which is so infused in the earth Selick and Burton produced for Jack Skellington and friends? CG cannot replicate the movements that make the cult classic film’s spooky realms appear to lifetime and make individuals characters who they are. Absolutely sure, Disney was in all probability wondering efficiency (all the greater to get more articles launched to dole out much more Incredibly hot Subject merch for the Disney Goths), but supporters know the difference—and are keen to wait around for a continuation of the Nightmare story as very long as it’s performed ideal. We like one plan thrown out throughout the dialogue at TIFF, and Selick seemed to like it also: “The notion of a brief has under no circumstances come up in the previous… I think that Tim may possibly be open to a quick,” Selick reported. “It would have to be so refreshing…this kind of a new just take to justify creating a sequel, but a limited would make superior perception.” Selick continued, increasing on tips for a Halloween or Christmas particular, or “a brief that is about Zero… his viewpoint of the entire world or a working day in his lifetime. I consider that is a excellent idea. And doable. I forecast Tim would back [it] then.”

Disney needs to have gotten started on this concept many years back mainly because a series of shorts starring Zero sounds like the great Nightmare continuation we counsel location it in the holiday getaway forest that homes Halloweentown, due to the fact we’ve normally needed to see past those other doorways. There are so many characters we’d want to see once more and additional Danny Elfman audio we require (that he’d probably be into executing).

In the meantime, there is at minimum a novelization sequel you can read through all about Sally titled Extensive Reside the Pumpkin Queen: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Xmas by Shea Ernshaw—and you can see Selick’s quit-motion wizardry at function when Wendell & Wild arrives on Netflix Oct 28.

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