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VIZIO D48 D0 Review: An FHD Smart TV With Great Value

VIZIO D48 D0 Review: An FHD Smart TV With Great Value

7.6Expert Score

The VIZIO D48 D0 offers impressive features, one of which is a high contrast ratio. Furthermore, this television has excellent motion handling performance and a decent smart platform. However, the television does not have Bluetooth and doesn’t support HDR.

Design, Dimension, And Weight


Display Features And Picture Quality


Ports And Connectivity Features



  • 1. Excellent contrast ratio
  • 2. Fast response time
  • 3. Low input lag
  • 4. Lots of in-built apps


  • 1. Poor viewing angles
  • 2. Bulky
  • 3. Lacks Bluetooth
  • 4. Doesn’t support HDR

Do you want to purchase an FHD television for casual viewing? Lucky for you, this VIZIO D48 D0 review can be your guide in the right direction.

Considering that the VIZIO D48 D0 is an option when looking to buy a decent FHD TV, this review will decide if it’s a suitable option. Therefore, this review will provide explicit details about the TV following precise procedures.

To be exact, we will assess the television’s design, display, sound features, ports and connectivity features, and smart features. Also, we will be making comparisons between the television and other televisions in its category.

Additionally, we’ll also be rating the TV’s performance at the end of each section on a scale of one to ten. Thus, it will be great if you read this review article all the way through so as to know if the VIZIO D48 D0 is worth your money.

VIZIO D48 D0 Review: My Initial Thoughts

VIZIO D48 D0 Review: My Initial Thoughts

If you are not aware, Vizio stands to be one of the producers of budget-friendly TVs. Surprisingly, their budget TV models most times offer good features and qualities.

Establishing that fact, we will be reviewing one of the many Vizio budget televisions in the market. The television in question is the VIZIO D48 D0 which is an FHD television that offers decent features.

Furthermore, this TV checks the box when it comes to basic functionality and impressive display features. However, how well will this television perform compared to other FHD televisions in the market?

Just sit tight, you are about to find out.

VIZIO D48 D0 Design, Dimension, And Weight Review

Looking at the VIZIO D48 D0 from the front, its design looks sleek and modern. Also, it has averagely thick bezels surrounding its screen.

However, the bottom bezel is slightly thicker, measuring about one and a half centimeters. It also has a “VIZIO” inscription at the left corner.

Besides, the bezels are made of plastic with a glossy-black finish. Nevertheless, the bottom bezel features a mixture of black and grey finish.

Moving on, the VIZIO D48 D0 comes with two V-shaped legs. These legs look a bit slanty and are made of plastic with a glossy-black finish, just like the bezels.

Impressively, despite being made of plastic, these legs are quite sturdy and robust. Hence, the television shouldn’t wobble too much when nudged or mistakingly pushed.

Spin around to the rear, the VIZIO D48 D0 has a chunky back panel. This back panel is composed of plastic and has a dark grey finish with a Vizio logo in the middle.

Additionally, the back panel has few air vents for cooling the internal electronics and components. Also, this back panel comes with VESA 200 x 200 mount holes that will enable you to wall-mount the VIZIO D48 D0.

However, if mounted, the TV will stick out of the wall a bit due to its chunky back panel. To make things worse, the television’s back panel doesn’t feature any form of a cable management system.

Moving on to the weight and dimension, the VIZIO D48 D0 weighs 10999.9 g and measures 1087.1 x 73.7 x 640.1 mm (W x D x H). Comparatively, this television is bulkier but lighter than the Samsung QA49Q6FNAJXZK.

To be more specific, the Samsung QA49Q6FNAJXZK measures 1091.6 x 54.9 x 634.6 mm (W x D x H) and weighs 13400 g.

In conclusion, the VIZIO D48 D0 looks sleek from the front view. However, the television is very chunky and lacks a cable management system.

Thus, I will rate the VIZIO D48 D0 an eight out of ten in this design review section.

VIZIO D48 D0 Display Features And Picture Quality Review

VIZIO D48 D0 Display Features And Picture Quality Review.

The VIZIO D48 D0 comes with a 48-inch display that features FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution. Due to this FHD resolution, the display should be able to deliver detailed and clear picture quality.

In addition to the FHD resolution, the VIZIO D48 D0’s display offers an LED full array panel. This panel ensures that the light illuminates across the entire surface of the display.

Hence, the display should be able to produce bright highlights and deep blacks.

This brings us to talk about the contrast ratio of the television’s display. In brief, the contrast ratio of a display is the distinction between the brightest whites and deepest blacks it can produce.

Thus, a high contrast ratio allows a display to produce deep blacks. Thankfully, the VIZIO D48 D0 offers a high native contrast of 5,594:1.

Therefore, the television’s display will be capable of rendering perfect blacks, making the TV ideal for watching content with lots of dark scenes. In addition to its amazing contrast ratio, the VIZIO D48 D0’s display also supports local dimming.

Local dimming is a feature or technique that dims the backlight zones of a display so as to improve its contrast ratio. Thus, with local dimming, blacks on the VIZIO D48 D0’s display should be darker than they would without local dimming.

As a result, improving the dark room performance and overall picture quality of the display.

Moving on, it is rather unfortunate that the VIZIO D48 D0 does not support HDR (High Dynamic Range). Supposing it supports HDR, its display would be able to deliver colorful, extremely bright, and life-like images when rendering HDR-supported content.

In case you’re wondering, HDR-supported content can mostly be found on streaming platforms such as Netflix.

That said, the VIZIO D48 D0’s offer a peak brightness of 306 nits. Although this peak brightness isn’t excellent, it is enough for users to enjoy watching the television in moderately-lit rooms.

Besides, the peak brightness is slightly above the SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) average of 300 nits. Unfortunately, the VIZIO D48 D0’s display offers poor viewing angles.

Thus, when you watch the display off-center or at an extreme angle, images will look washed out. Hence, it is best you watch the display directly from the center so as to get the best picture quality.

Having said all that, let us now talk about the television’s motion handling performance. To begin with, we’ll discuss the refresh rate of the television’s display.

In brief, refresh rate is the rate at which an image refreshes per second on a display. Therefore, the VIZIO D48 D0’s display has a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

This means that the display can refresh images 60 times in a second. As a result, the display should be able to render smooth images.

In addition to its display’s 60 Hz refresh rate, the VIZIO D48 D0 has a picture technology called Clear Action 240. This technology enhances the refresh rate of the display, making it render smoother images.

That aside, this television’s display offers a response time of 11.9 milliseconds. Due to this, the display should be able to render fast-motion content with minimal blur trails.

In case you are wondering, response time is the speed at which a display transitions from one color to another. Unfortunately, the VIZIO D48 D0’s display features a not-low-enough input lag of 26.5 milliseconds.

Briefly, input lag is the time at which a display is able to respond to signal inputs from outer sources such as a wireless gamepad. Hence, the lower the input lag, the better the gaming performance of the display.

Practically, if the display’s input lag is 15 milliseconds or less, it should offer a good gaming performance. Clearly, the VIZIO D48 D0’s display’s input lag is way more than the recommended 15 milliseconds.

Hence, the television might not be good for competitive gaming. Nevertheless, the television should be ideal for casual gaming.

In summary, the VIZIO D48 D0 features a decent FHD display with a high contrast ratio and local dimming. Also, the television’s display offers a decent peak brightness and a fast response time.

However, the television doesn’t support HDR, and its display has poor viewing angles. Nonetheless, I will be rating the VIZIO D48 D0 an eight out of ten in this display review section.

VIZIO D48 D0 Sound Features Review

For sound production, the VIZIO D48 D0 produces sounds via a set of 10-watts speakers. These speakers produce decent sound quality and are loud enough to fill a medium-sized room with sound.

However, the VIZIO D48 D0 doesn’t come with a built-in subwoofer. Hence, it won’t be able to produce a sufficient amount of bass.

Thus, bass-heavy movies might not be ideal for watching on the television. Nevertheless, you can purchase a soundbar to get an adequate bass production if you really love bass-heavy movies.

Sadly, the VIZIO D48 D0’s speakers don’t produce clear dialogue good enough to understand what the characters are saying. As a result, you won’t particularly enjoy conversation-driven content on the television, such as news and TV shows.

On the bright side, the VIZIO D48 D0 features DTS Studio Sound. This sound technology reconfigures small speakers to produce loud sounds.

In addition to the DTS Studio Sound, the VIZIO D48 D0 comes with DTS TruSurround. This audio technology enables the speakers to produce immersive audio quality.

Not only that, the DTS TruSurround also makes the speakers produce an impressive surround sound. Therefore, the VIZIO D48 D0 should deliver an all-around virtual sound quality.

Away from the sound technologies, let’s discuss the sound distortion performance of the television. To start with, the VIZIO D48 D0 delivered a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) test score of 0.19%.

In brief, the THD test is a measurement that evaluates the total amount of distortion a sound system can produce. Moreover, according to this test, a score of 1% or less means the sound system can only produce minimal distortion.

However, a score above 1% means the total opposite – it means the sound system is capable of producing a significant amount of distortion. Hence with a THD test score of 0.19%, the VIZIO D48 D0 will only produce minimal distortion even at the maximum volume level.

For your information, distortion in this context is the deformation of original sound frequencies. Thereby, making a sound system to deliver unpleasant sound quality and unwanted noises.

All things considered, I will be rating the VIZIO D48 D0 a seven out of ten in this sound features review section.

VIZIO D48 D0 Ports And Connectivity Features Review

VIZIO D48 D0 Ports And Connectivity Features Review

The ports and connectivity features of the VIZIO D48 D0 are quite inadequate yet considerable for most basic TV functionalities. Moreover, all the ports are located on the back of the television.

Additionally, some ports are side-facing while others are down-facing, and they are all easily accessible if the TV is wall-mounted. Among the side-facing ports, you will find one USB port, one HDMI port, and audio output.

Meanwhile, among the down-facing ports, you find two HDMI ports. One of these HDMI ports supports Audio Return Channel (ARC).

Thus, using the ARC-HDMI port, you will be able to connect a soundbar to the VIZIO D48 D0 easily. Apart from the HDMI ports, this television also comes with a component (shared composite) video input and an antenna connector.

Lastly, the TV has an Ethernet port for connecting to the internet through wired LAN. That should be all regarding the inadequate ports featured on this Vizio television.

Next, we’ll look at the wireless connectivity option of the VIZIO D48 D0. To start with, this TV doesn’t have Bluetooth, which is quite disappointing.

However, the VIZIO D48 D0 comes with an in-built WiFi 802.11ac/a/b/g/n which will enable wireless connection to the internet. Moving away from the ports and wireless connectivity features, let us discuss the remote control.

To begin with, the VIZIO D48 D0 comes with a basic Vizio remote control. This remote control is a bit large, and it’s made of plastic.

It also has a glossy-black finish, but most of its featured buttons have a dark gray color. Besides, due to its largeness, it accommodates quite a number of rubber buttons.

These buttons include a full number pad at the bottom and a square-shaped navigation button. Above the navigation button, there are playback buttons, an input button, a power button, and three dedicated buttons.

These dedicated buttons provide quick access to streaming apps like Xumo, Netflix, and iHeartRadio. Besides, below the navigation button, there are channel and volume rockers, as well as a home button with a Vizio logo on it.

However, despite its numerous buttons, this television’s remote doesn’t have an in-built microphone for voice command. Also, the remote lacks advanced features such as a scroll wheel or a mouse pointer.

To conclude this ports and connectivity review section, I will rate the VIZIO D48 D0 a seven out of ten.

VIZIO D48 D0 Smart Features Review

Concerning its smart functionality, the VIZIO D48 D0 comes with the V.I.A Plus (VIZIO Internet Apps Plus) smart platform. This platform is integrated into selected Vizio smart TVs.

Furthermore, the V.I.A Plus’ interface isn’t as fascinating as what you would get on other smart platforms, but it is straightforward. By straightforward, I mean it’s quite easy to use, and the interface is smooth and easy to navigate.

In addition to that, the V.I.A Plus offers a variety of streaming applications. These applications include Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, Pluto TV, Amazon Prime Video, Flixfling, Xumo, YouTube, and so much more.

However, some of these apps may be unavailable in some countries, and some might require monthly or yearly subscriptions to be accessed. Aside from the featured apps, the VIZIO D48 D0’s smart platform, unfortunately, doesn’t have access to an apps store.

Thus, you won’t be able to install more apps; perhaps it’s because the smart platform already has a lot of built-in apps. To further complicate issues, the VIZIO D48 D0 doesn’t have a built-in Chromecast or any screen mirroring feature, unlike most Vizio smart televisions.

As a result, you won’t be able to share content from your mobile devices to the television. In addition to its lack of a built-in Chromecast, the VIZIO D48 D0 also doesn’t support any voice assistant.

Hence, you won’t be able to control the television with your voice even if you purchase an Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker.

All in all, I will be rating the VIZIO D48 D0 an eight in this smart features review section.

VIZIO D48 D0 Review: Frequently Asked Questions

VIZIO D48 D0 Review: Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Year Was The Vizio D48-D0 Released?

The Vizio D48-D0 was released in 2016.

2. Does The Vizio D48-D0 Have Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, the Vizio D48-D0 does not come with Bluetooth.

3. What Is The Size Of The Vizio D48-D0?

The VIZIO D48 D0 measures 1087.1 x 73.7 x 640.1 mm (W x D x H).

4. Is The Vizio D48-D0 A Smart TV?

Yes, the Vizio D48-D0 is a smart television that features a smart platform called V.I.A Plus (VIZIO Internet Apps Plus). This smart platform gives the television access to lots of streaming apps.

5. What Sizes Do Vizio D Series Come In?

The Vizio D series comes in nine different sizes, which are 32-inch, 40-inch, 43-inch, 48-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 60-inch, 65-inch, and 70-inch.

VIZIO D48 D0 Review: My Final Thoughts

The VIZIO D48 D0 is a smart television that offers decent features and performs impressively. Moreover, this TV comes with a pleasant design with sturdy legs.

Furthermore, the TV offers an FHD resolution display that has an outstanding contrast ratio, local dimming, and a fast response time. Additionally, the VIZIO D48 D0 comes with a smart platform that gives it access to the majority of streaming apps.

However, the VIZIO D48 D0 has some downsides such as poor viewing angles, lack of HDR, and not-low-enough input lag. Also, the TV lacks Bluetooth.

Notwithstanding, if you need a smart TV for casual viewing, you can consider the VIZIO D48 D0.


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