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Best Credit Cards in Pakistan (2022) – Cheapest Credit Cards List

Best Credit Cards in Pakistan (2022) – Cheapest Credit Cards List

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Best Credit Cards in Pakistan (2022) – Cheapest Credit Cards List

Having and owning the credit card in your name is purely the status symbol, and at least that is how the banks market it.

But for some instance, that is quite right being in Pakistan.

Credit Card in Pakistan 2022

Seeing something that you need to purchase and cannot afford at the very moment, you have the power to change your decision to buy that particular product with being the credit card holder where your good bank comes forward for your assistance.

But sometimes, you have to be extra cautious and vigilant of your continuous spending with credit cards.

While the credit cards are super helpful to do the shopping of any size in minutes, the habit of easiness that comes with the credit card may lead you to hit the wall of unseen problems and issues.

But whatever your reason is, we are get-set ready to find and list the best credit cards in Pakistan to meet with your dire needs to spend in the form of credit.

The best of the best credit cards in Pakistan (2022)

It is time to explore the best of the available credit cards in Pakistan to enjoy the worry-free life.

Wait?? Is that just it?

No way that it is easier to afford the credit card while you are short to maintain the smooth balance level every time with your bank account to actually keep up with the credit card, and afford to use it rarely or frequently.

That is indeed not an easier task to have a credit card in your pocket.

While it (having the credit card) is not less than a blessing but you should be well aware with the cons and disadvantages because and unlike owning the best debit cards in Pakistan where it is primarily used and deducts the available money off of your bank account, but credit cards work otherwise.

For that, I am obliged to reveal cons and the disadvantages of owning a credit card first.

Cons or disadvantages to have the credit cards in Pakistan

  • You spend and be ready to pay the hefty interest rates along with the repayments
  • Credit score damaging to the excessive level if your debt and interest are not paid back on time
  • May fall into the fraudulent schemes
  • High fees to withdraw the cash off your credit cards
  • Pay annual fees ranging to high slots
  • Credit card surcharges every time you make the transaction with your credit cards
  • Pay for everything; balance inquiry, failed transaction, returns, etc.

The list of best credit cards in Pakistan

Okay, okay and here I start NOW! 🙂

First, let’s list out the names of best credit cards operative in Pakistan for your easy reference and see which ones make the entry into the list.

Standard Chartered MasterCard Easy Credit Card

Standard Chartered Cashback Gold MasterCard

A leading Pakistani bank, Standard Chartered, brings us the all-surprisingly and features-rich Master Card, Credit card in Pakistan.

For your urgent financial needs, Standard Chartered MasterCard Easy Credit Card is one of your best choices to pick out of many.

Pay with your convenience to use a credit card as well as pay through cheques as that is what this exclusive credit card proves to provide.

Wherever the MasterCard works, your credit card would work!

Complete set of features of Standard Chartered MasterCard Easy Credit Card
  • Take the cash out with SCB Easy Credit Card to up to 90 percent cash advance limit
  • Convenience of obtaining the Easy credit cheque book to pay to anyone in Pakistan
  • Withdraw cash to yours 90 percent cash limit from the MasterCard-backed ATMS, worldwide
  • Asaan/Easy installment to have you to pay back your credit through monthly installments and you can pay your monthly installment with your available credit limit
  • Comes with chip-based technology for the sophisticated security
  • Covers you with PKR 4 million’s travel accidents on your international trips if the ticket purchased with SCB Easy Credit card
Interest rate
  • The Interest rate for banking clients = 30 percent APR (annual percentage rate)
  • For non-banking clients the interest is = 36 percent APR
Fees and charges
  • Annual fee = PKR 3,000
  • Chip maintenance fee = PKR 1,000
  • Late payment charges = PKR 1,500
  • Over-limit charges = PKR 1,200
How to apply for SCB MasterCard Easy Credit


Standard Chartered Visa Platinum Credit Card

Standard Chartered Visa Platinum Credit Card pakistan

Your lifestyle matters to you the most, and to meet with maintaining the same level of lifestyle is much more possible if you own the kind of credit card that best fits with your needs.

And… We got it. We so got one. The Standard Chartered Visa Platinum Credit Card is the one type of credit card that you must have in your wallet.

Rest assured and as soon as the need arises when you need instant access to the money, this Visa Platinum Credit Card is always ready to serve.

Features of Standard Chartered Visa Platinum Credit Card
  • Enjoy the access to 20 lounges worldwide and CIP lounges in most Pakistani airports when hitting for the international destination
  • 24/7 customer support to solve off your credit card-related queries
  • Platinum Travel Desk to plan for your next trips with the unbelievably discounted ticket rates that would not match by visiting other travel agents
  • Call Standard Chartered bank to book your ticket with your Platinum Credit Card and let the ticket delivered right to your doorstep
  • Covered for the unfortunate medical assistance where the travel overseas is required
  • Zero loss’ liability once you report your cards getting lost or theft
  • Obtain 5 rewards points with spending PKR 200 through the card
Interest rate

42 percent per month

Fees and charges of SCB Visa Platinum Credit Card
  • Annual fee = PKR 8,000
  • Chip maintenance fee = PKR 1,000
  • Supplement credit card issuance fee = PKR 4,000

UBL Visa Platinum Credit Card in Pakistan

UBL Visa Platinum Credit Card Pak

Get to avail the myriad benefits, and unmatched services to unlock with the credit cards, that comes right from UBL Visa Platinum Credit Card to count all of ‘em.

Fulfill your needs and the expectations that UBL caters to resolve with this premium credit card.

Full features list to own UBL Visa Platinum Credit Card
  • Redeem your air miles and purchase your next air travel ticket
  • Pay back to the balance and the part of purchase with your accumulated air miles
  • Complimentary access to CIP lounges along with one guest in prestigious Pakistani airports
  • Access to VIP lounges in 1,000+ airports around the world
Fees and charges
  • Annual fee = PKR 6,000
  • Supplement card fee = PKR 2,000
  • Chip maintenance fee = PKR 1,000
  • Foreign transaction fee = PKR 3 per instance
  • Late payment charges = PKR 1,250
  • Overlimit charges = PKR 1,200
  • SMS alert fee = PKR 50
Interest rate

Up to 40 percent APR

UBL PSO Auto Credit Card

UBL PSO Auto Credit Card PakistanUBL PSO Auto Credit Card Pakistan

Make this particular UBL PSO Auto Credit Card that offers countless features which can be used for unlimited things to do.

Though, this credit card sounds like it is generally used to fill up your gas tank but it really is not the case.

Go anywhere in the world and within Pakistan to enjoy availing the access to the best amenities.

Brilliant features of UBL PSO Auto Credit Card
  • UBL PSO Auto Credit Card works at 29 million locations
  • Use it at 40,000 outlets including PSO filling stations
  • Withdraw money from 2 million ATMs in and out the country
  • 5 percent cash back if used on PSO filling stations against the maximum of PKR 1,250 per customer per month
  • 1 percent cash back if used through retail outlets against the maximum of PKR 1,000 per customer per month
Fees & charges
  • Annual fee = PKR 4,000
  • Supplementary card fee = PKR 750
  • Chip maintenance fee = PKR 750
  • Cash withdrawal fee = 750
  • Late charges = PKR 1,250
  • Overlimit charges = PKR 1,200
  • Foreign transaction fee = PKR 3 per attempt

40 percent APR

MCB Classic/Gold Credit Card in Pak

MCB Classic:Gold Credit Card

MCB Visa Classic/Gold Credit Card has the added features of withdrawing the money as well as use for the shopping purpose for being the part of big league! 🙂

Core features of MCB Classic/Gold Credit Card
  • Accepted on all ATM machines, nationwide
  • Access millions of Visa-backed locations
  • Proudly supported by Visa
  • Pay utility bills with no issue
  • Works to grant access to 600 VIP airport lounges operative in 100+ countries
  • Get up to 75 percent withdrew off your credit limit
  • Shop with money or the reward points, whichever seem fit
  • Annual charges = Free
  • Late payment charges = PKR 1,400
  • Chip maintenance fee (for Gold credit card) = PKR 3,400
  • Chip maintenance fee (for Classic credit card ) PKR 2,200
Interest fee

39 percent APR for Classic and Gold MCB credit cards.

Faysal World Credit Card in Pakistan

faysal bank world credit card pakistan

It is not just a card, it is more than just a card ready to facilitate you any time.

And, that is what Faysal World Credit Card does for you; the luxury of your life is best maintained with it and just your fingertips away.

Benefits of obtaining Faysal World Credit Card
  • CIP lounges’ access throughout the national airports when travelling abroad
  • Double of the reward’s points when you spend in your international destination
  • Car rentals
  • Big discounts at the big brands, nationwide
  • Travel inconvenience insurance at your end at the times of flight delay, cancellation and/or losing your luggage
  • Medically insured travel to the international destination
Fees and charges
  • Annual fee = PKR 15,000
  • Supplementary cards fee = PKR 4,000
  • Late payment = PKR 1,500
  • Overlimit charges = PKR 1,400
  • Cash advance fee = PKR 1,000 or 3 percent of the money
  • Card replacement fee = PKR 500
  • Issuance of draft/pay order = PKR 700 per instance
  • Chip maintenance fee (for primary card) = PKR 700
  • Chip maintenance fee (for supplementary card) = PKR 300

39 percent APR.

HBL Platinum Credit Card

HBL Platinum Credit Card Pakistan

Talking about the credit cards and we miss lining up one of the best banks in Pakistan that is indeed have the credit card’s facility to further facilitate the consumers.

Now, Habib Bank Limit that is shortened to the 3-characters long word ‘HBL’ has its exclusive credit card with the name of HBL Platinum Credit Card.

If you can get succeeded to obtain one, you are open to use it for many reasons to correct your lifestyle and enhance further.

Not only that but being the frequent traveler, this HBL credit card is the absolute problem-solver for you!

Best features of the great HBL Platinum Credit Card
  • Complimentary access to the all CIP lounges at notable airports for your international flights
  • Get your mobile and laptop charged and the free Wi-Fi’s facility
  • Read the fresh newspapers and magazines
  • 3x reward on spending abroad
  • Access to emergency services to report for your card lost, misplaced, or theft
  • And… much more!
Fees and charges
  • Annual fee (for main credit card) = PKR 12,000
  • Annual for (for supplementary card) = PKR 6,000
  • Processing charge for BTF = 3 percent or fixed PKR 500, whichever is higher
  • Late payment = PKR 1,250
  • Retrieval fee = PKR 1,000
  • Disputed transactions = USD 500 or equivalent to PKR amount
  • Card replacement fee = PKR 600
  • Issuance of banker’s cheque = PKR 500
  • Cash advance fee = PKR 750 or 3 percent of withdrawn amount, whichever is higher
  • Transactions in foreign countries = 3 percent of the transaction amount
  • Debit rejection fee = PKR 750
  • Charges for returned cheque = PKR 1,000
  • Installment plan processing fee = PKR 600
  • Conversion of card = PKR 600
Interest fee and other service charges
  • Interest rate = Maximum 40 percent APR
  • BTF charge = 24 percent per annum of the outstanding BTF amount
  • Cash advance charge = Max of 40 percent per annum of the outstanding cash advance amount
  • Instalment plan service charge = 24 percent per annum of the outstanding installment plan’s amount

Alfalah American Express Gold Credit Card in Pakistan

Alfalah American Express Card

The American Express Card is turned out to be called and seen as a sign of class, and thankfully the prestigious class of the banking customers can get one direct from a renowned and classic bank, Alfalah.

Alfalah American Express Gold Card just shoots the customers with loads of privileged services that are hard to gain access to with many of the operative credit cards.

You go abroad and feel no worry of anything with the medical and legal necessities.

Set of the best features of Al falah American Express Gold Card
  • 1 percent cash back with spending on local retail outlets
  • 5 percent cash back with spending on the international retail outlets
  • 5 percent cash back for first 3 months
  • Get up to four supplementary credit cards
  • Pay for shop, dining, travel, medical, and more
  • Gets charged against PKR even if your purchase is transacted into US dollar or any other currency.
Charges & fees
  • Annual fee (basic card) = PKR 6,000
  • Annual fee (supplementary card) = PKR 3,000
  • CIP lounge access = PKR 1,000 per visit
  • Foreign transactions = 5 percent of overall transaction amount

38 percent APR

Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Card

Bank Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Card Pakistan

A travel time is the most crucial time where the need of access to the cash should always be accessible.

So, be ready to avail the best benefits and couple of unmatched rewards when you shop anywhere around the country and abroad.

Bank Alfalah Credit Cards are quite famous in Pakistan, specially in Business Community of Pakistan, as i have personally seen this.

And enjoy every bit of them by using Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Card!

This card is also considered as ‘Cheapest Credit Card in Pakistan‘.

Naming the unmatched benefits unlock only with Alfalah Visa Platinum Credit Card
  • Travel reward program every time you go to spend or transacts and sign-up for the Bank Alfalah products that would transform into Orbits which are redeemable for;
    – Airline’s ticket purchase
    – Airline ticket class upgrades
    – And the hotel bookings
  • Exclusive travel desk ready to serve you by calling 0800 22225
  • Unmatched discounts
  • 6 international lounges visits to choose from 1000+ international airports
  • FREE CIP lounge access in national airports while traveling to the international destination
  • Visa-backed Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit card accepted worldwide through retail outlets to up to 30 million locations and 1.5 million ATMs
  • Need immediate money? Withdraw up to 50 percent of your credit card limit wherever you are, either in the country or abroad
  • Transfer balance to any one with the affordable transferring rates
  • Zero loss liability but make sure to report the incident of loss or theft of your Bank Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit card by dialing 0800 22225
  • Avail up to 6 complimentary cards
Fees and charges
  • Annual fee = US$ 10.00
  • Airport lounge visit = US$ 31.80 per visit
  • Foreign transaction = Up to 5 percent of overall transaction amount
  • Arbitration Charges = US$ 500.00
  • Issuance fee = PKR 4,999
  • Supplementary card issuance = PKR 2,000
  • Chip card maintenance fee (primary + supplement) = PKR 1,000
Bank alfalah interest details

Up to 40 percent APR.

Allied Visa Credit Card

allied visa credit card in pakistan

How can we forget about the long-standing bank that is into the business from decades?

Allied Visa Credit Cards in Pakistan With Chip are also famous here.

Of course, we are talking about the Allied Bank and the bank offers the customers to get its Allied VISA Credit Card.

You definitely know a fact about the cards that come with the VISA logo; they work all around the world, isn’t it?

So, that is the same Allied’s VISA Credit Card is going to do; work throughout the world and you have this credit card in your pocket from a trusted and reputable bank from your very own country!

Features of Allied VISA Credit Card
  • Chip-based credit card
  • No chip-maintenance fee
  • Lowest of the markup rates
  • Buy NOW and pay LATER with 50 days time period with your free credit period
  • Accepted in all VISA-logo-enabled retail outlets, online portals, and ATMs worldwide
  • 50 percent cash advance facility
  • Two supplementary cards
  • Transfer the balance to other cards with paying the affordable BTF rate
  • CIP lounge in many national airports
Fees and charges
  • Issuance fee = FREE
  • Annual fee (Gold) = PKR 2,000
  • Annual fee (Platinum) = PKR 4,000
  • Supplementary (Gold) = PKR 500
  • Supplementary (Platinum) = PKR 1,000
  • Late payment charge = PKR 1,200
  • Cash advance fee = PKR 500 or 3 percent of per transaction
  • Balance transfer process (BTF) fee = PKR 500
  • Foreight transaction (international) = Up to 4 percent of the transaction amount in any currency
Interest rate

28 percent APR which is quite low compared to the line of many available credit card.

Bank Al Habib Credit Card

Bank Al Habib Credit Card pakistan

Want the room for easiness with simplicity, this Bank Al Habib Credit Card is your best bet to enjoy being simple within this fast-moving world.

The core but best benefits of having Bank Al Habib Credit Card
  • No annual and joining fees
  • Up to 3 supplementary cards and without the charges
  • Free access to SMS, e-statement, and internet banking to know the status of your credit card — all the time
  • 60 percent cash advance limit
  • Works inland and abroad wherever you see the MasterCard logo
  • Do anything that a credit card is capable to perform
Fees & charges
  • Annual fee = FREE of cost
  • Joining fee = FREE of cost
  • Supplementary cards issuance = Totally FREE
  • Late payment charge = 10 percent of the minimum payment or up to PKR 5003
  • Cash advance fee = 3 percent of PKR 500
  • Pin/Credit Card replacement fee = PKR 500
  • Cheque’s return fee = PKR 200
  • Foreign exchange rate charges = 3 percent
Al Habib Bank Interest dETAILS

25 percent APR.

JS Private Banking Signature Credit Card

JS Private Banking Signature Credit Card PakistanJS Private Banking Signature Credit Card Pakistan

Want to easily unlock the world of benefits? Then this JS Private Banking Signature Credit Card should be your go-to credit card!

Have it and experience the continuous improvement in your lifestyle and the related amenities getting fulfilled.

Features & benefits of JS Private Banking Signature Credit Card
  • Compliment yourself by accessing up to 850 airport lounges worldwide and most of the nationally-renowned airport lounges
  • Get the 25 percent discount in booking the hotel into Jumeirah properties and Burj Al-Arab to experience the lavish stay
  • Credit limit from 1 million to 2 million
  • 5 percent cashback on national and international outlets
  • Buy anything off of the internet
  • 3 supplement cards issued to your family members
  • Lost luggage and travel insurance
  • EMV chip to ensure the best security!
  • 24/7 support
Interest rate

40 percent APR.

Other Bank Credit Cards in Pakistan.

Following are some of the popular credit cards which are primarily used in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other famous cities in Pakistan

  • Silk Bank Credit Card
  • Alfalah ultra cashback credit card
  • js bank credit card

FAQ on best credit cards in Pakistan

Which bank credit card is best in Pakistan?

As per popularity,

  • Bank Alfalah Credit Cards – Popularly searched for ‘credit card bank alfalah’
  • Faysal Bank Credit Card
  • UBL Credit Card.

Which Credit Card is best to use for online Shopping?

I believe Standard Chartered and UBL Credit cards are best to use for online internet shopping in Pakistan. Meezan Bank comes to 2nd position.

What is the average fee of Credit card in Pakistan?

Most of the credit card usually don’t have fee’s and if a card has fee it can be reversed if u do a particular shopping in single month once inn every year.

What is the best credit card in Pakistan for international use?

For international usage and acceptance, I recommend following credit cards.

  • UBL Cards.
  • SCB Card
  • Meezan Bank Card.

However as a general rule, any card having VISA Or Master Card logo is acceptable almost in every place in the world.

Which banks offer credit cards in Pakistan?

Almost majority of banks in Pakistan offer credit cards, however as a general reference, popular are :

  • Allied Bank.
  • Askari Bank.
  • Bank Al Habib
  • Alfalah Bank.
  • Faysal Bank.
  • Habib Bank Limited.
  • MCB Bank Limited.
  • Standard Chartered Bank.
  • United Bank Limited.
  • best cashback credit card in pakistan

Conclusion on Credit Cards in Pakistan

No more fluff, no more mind boggling… what are you waiting for?

I meant you got the good list of 12 awesomely best credit cards in Pakistan that work to their greatest capacity.

Travel around the country, or to the international destination; wherever you go, your credit card goes with you.

Being generated and operated by the Pakistani reliable and trusted banks, that does not mean you would ever come across with the problems abroad.

You would not because these best credit cards and the best of the invention that can be totally rely over.

Go cashless and withdraw up to your credit limit where your credit card could become the real saviour to save you from many unexpected financial issues.

But understand one thing… Credit cards require your utmost care to NOT be used all the time. Do what is important, and that is it.

Go worry free as always!! 🙂