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Celebrities Who Are Gluten Intolerant – Even Hollywood Has Issues

Celebrities Who Are Gluten Intolerant – Even Hollywood Has Issues

While Hollywood may seem like it is full of perfect people, you can find the occasional gluten intolerant celebrity out there. For some reason, this particular sector of people isn’t very vocal about having any sort of gluten sensitivity, so finding confirmed cases of Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance can prove to be difficult. Three are, however, some stories of star studded gluten issues that have come to the surface. This list contains some known and not so known celebrities who have been vocal about their gluten free needs.

Probably the most well known celebrity with gluten intolerance is Billy Bob Thornton. Whether you know him as Angelina Jolie’s ex or the guy in Sling Blade, you might be surprised by the fact that he is gluten intolerant. He’s not the most popular actor around, but he has been a well known name in Hollywood for his provocative nature and his random appearances in low grade movies. Bad Santa and Mr. Woodcock are just a few pieces of his work. Amanda Donohoe from LA Law is also gluten intolerant, though she is not as well known as Thornton.

Among the more obscure celebrities with gluten intolerance are Terence Stamp from Star Wars Episode 1 and Elizabeth Hasselbeck from “The View”. Also on the list is Joe C, best known for being Kid Rocks right hand man. He actually died from Celiac Disease, though many sources don’t exactly know how that happened. Some people say that the great John F. Kennedy was gluten intolerant, but there is a debate surrounding that. We know that he did not die from it, but only few people know if he was forced to not eat gluten products. Another rumor says that Dr. Phil’s wife Robyn has a gluten sensitivity based on implications she made on a show. That, however, has not been confirmed as of right now.

What all of this goes to show is that even members of the media can get impacted by gluten intolerance. They’re human, just like you. With 15% of the population suffering from gluten sensitivity, Hollywood was bound to have a few people with this issue. Those celebrities go through the same diet and lifestyle changes as anyone else. While this may not have much of an impact on your wife, it does at least reveal the connection you have from even the most elite members of the world.