How to Connect Your PSP to the Internet With Bluetooth Devices

Dhanisa Mashilfa

This day Sony PlayStation Portable (aka PSP) becomes the most popular game console for children, teenagers, and even for adults. There are many kinds of games that you can play in PSP for example sport games, adventure games, racing games, puzzle games, fighting games, Role Playing Games (RPG) and many others. Sony PSP isn’t just a device that lets you play games, but it is also offered with many features such as media players, MP3 Players, built-in wireless networking capabilities, bluetooth and TV out.

As a portable console, PSP enables you to enjoy free internet access in hotspot area with its wireless system and Internet-ready Bluetooth device. If you want to do it, we will give you instruction about how to connect your PSP to the internet. First, you have to activate PSP-Go and Bluetooth system. After that, select the “Bluetooth Setting” in PSP-Go Setting. Then, select “Manage Bluetooth” option. The next screen you will see “Scan for Bluetooth Devices”, just press “X” button to continue. After that, your Bluetooth will scan the nearest Bluetooth devices in the area. After you get one, just connect or pairing your Bluetooth with it for the Internet Access usage. Be careful since some devices are protected with PIN Code.

Next step, select “Network Setting” in your Setting menu and continue select Infrastructure Mode. Then, select your new connection via “Bluetooth Modem”. You can apply these steps for several devices that you want to store in the PSP and the console will take you through the final steps to enable the Internet connection through the Bluetooth device. Last step, choose the connection you established with your Bluetooth device.

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