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Lego Party Ideas | Family Fun

Lego Party Ideas | Family Fun

Lego Party Ideas | Family Fun

What about a LEGO Party to celebrate everyone’s favorite toy? LEGO has been around for many years and is a favorite among many young and old.  There are also so many great LEGO themes available that the ideas are endless – Star Wars, LEGO Racers, LEGO City, Mindstorms, and LEGO City, to name a few.  Here are some LEGO party ideas we have put together to make your party planning easier.




LEGO Party Invitations

  • Lego Party Invitations. Ready to fill-in LEGO invitations are easy and great for kids to help fill in party details, or at least write their names.
  • Lego Block Party. Get 12″x12″ Lego scrapbook paper and cut out to fit to size of an envelope.  Use Lego stickers and embellishments to decorate the front.  If you have a few of the long flat Legos, glue one in the front of each invitation. Write the words “You’re Invited To A Block Party” on the front, next to a Lego block sticker.
  • Lego Secret Message. Get pieces of Lego blocks of the same color and piece together a flat layer of blocks.  On the flat, smooth sides of the Lego block use permanent marker to write in big block letters the name of the birthday child. Break the pieces apart and hand deliver a few pieces with each invitation.  Ask your guest in the invitation to “Come on a Lego quest” with you. Have your guests bring back the Legos with them and see if they can figure out the “Secret Message”.  When guests arrive, have them build a creation from everyone’s pieces of Lego as an ice breaker.  See if they can piece the puzzle back together and figure out what is written.
  • Lego Construction Uniform. Get a yellow t-shirt and print out bright small bricks on iron-on transfer.  Iron on to the front of the shirt and print out the names of each child in front.  Have them wear the shirt to the party.  When the kids arrive, give them a construction hat before they enter the “construction zone”.
  • Lego Castle. If you are having a Lego Castle theme party, try finding or making castle invitations to fit the theme.  Stick on Lego Knights stickers and shield embellishments to the front.  Start the invitation off by writing “… You are invited to Max’s Lego Kingdom!…” and write invitation details on the inside.

LEGO Party Decorations

  • Lego Colors. Use lots of bright primary colors – red, yellow, blue and green, for your party decorations, centerpieces, paper products and invitations.
  • Large Legos. Get large boxes and paint them into bright colors.  Use colored cups and cut off the about 2″ from the top so that only the bottoms are left.  Glue the bottoms to the boxes to make them look like giant Legos.
  • Recycled Milk Cartons. Use one quart milk cartons and cut off the top.  Close off with some card board or with the bottom of another milk carton.  Paint in primary colors.  Use the plastic caps of extra milk cartons as the top of the Lego by gluing 6 to the top with hot glue.  Paint the top.  Use as party decorations or building blocks for building ramps.
  • Road Signs. Get foam core or sturdy cardboard and make road signs like “John’s Lego City”, make stop signs, one way signs, or street signs like, “John Smith Street”, and put it in the party room where you will having Lego games and activities as part of the City decor.
  • Beware Construction Site. Get construction tape and construction cones to rope off the party area.  The tape functions as decoration but also lets kids know which areas are “off limits”.
  • Balloons and Streamers. Use bright colored balloons and streamers to decorate the party room.
  • Lego Centerpieces. Get the Lego Cake Jelly Mold and make Jello Lego Jigglers (or cake) and place in the center of the party table as an edible centerpiece.  Place on a tiered server or pedestal to give it some height and focus.  Add steps made out of Lego that leads to the cake and place Lego figures on different heights of the steps leading to the cake or Lego Jigglers.  Make a small paper banner that says, e.g.  “Happy 6th Birthday Max” and let the Lego figures hold it on the steps.
  • Lego Place Mats. Use 12″x12″ Lego scrapbook paper as place mats.  You may cut them down for size or leave them as is.  Stick decorations, lettering for kids’ names, and Lego facts on each place mat.
  • Lego Party Products. Use Lego themed party supplies like cups, plates, and brightly colored utensils for the Lego party table and room.
  • Lego Extremes. Print out pictures from Lego sites and place in frames to decorate the party table.  Perhaps make a poster of great Lego creations by other people.  A favorite of mine are master pieces and wonderful Lego art by Nathan Sawaya.
  • Knight Castle. For a Lego Knight Theme, consider building a castle for the party room out of corrugated cardboard or getting a castle cut out for photo op.

LEGO Guest Arrival and Introduction

  • Lego Coloring Pages. As guests arrive give them LEGO coloring pages and crayons to keep busy while they wait for others to arrive.  Pages can be downloaded from the LEGO site.
  • Lego Hard hat. Give each kid a yellow construction hard hat as their party hat for safety reasons in the “construction zone”.  Give them each a work badge and a designated color code – blue, red, yellow or green.  Preface their names with “brickmaster”, e.g. “Brickmaster Max”, etc.
  • Say Cheese. Snap a shot with the hard hat and the birthday child for thank you cards or favor keepsake later.

LEGO Party Crafts

  • Lego Bookmarks. Get 12″x12″ Lego scrapbook paper and cut into strips for bookmarks.  Let kids decorate with markers, stickers and embellishments.  If you have old Lego instruction booklets or Lego boxes, use the pictures as decorations.  Great way to recycle.  Get laminating paper and laminate the bookmark to make it sturdier. Punch a hole on one end and string a piece of yarn through.  Get a small flat Lego piece with a hole in it and tie to the end of the yarn.

LEGO Party Recipes

  • Lego Pizza. Make rectangular cheese pizzas and top of with Pepperoni to make it look like Lego.  Add a mini dough center so that when the pizza comes out of the oven, you can pop a small Lego figurine in the center for a fun touch!
  • Lego Cheese Blocks. Get cheddar blocks, cut into rectangular slices. Cut out small cheese circles and place on top to make it look like yellow Lego blocks.
  • Lego Block-wiches. Make sandwiches and cut off crust.  Slice sandwich in half to create two rectangular pieces.  Use a small round cookie cutter to cut out round pieces out of one of the halves.  Use cream cheese to secure the round pieces on top of the rectangular sandwich piece to make a Lego “Block-wich”.
  • Lego Pot Pie. Make a rectangular chicken pot pie and use leftover pie dough to make the circular tops.

LEGO Party Cakes

  • Lego Block Cakes. These are easy to make and very popular. Bake mini loaf cakes in small loaf pans, let cool.  Pop them out of the pan and shape into rectangular pieces.  Ice them bright colors and use one loaf to cut out circular cakes pieces for the top.  Ice the entire cake with icing.  Another option is to use fondant or sugar paste to cover for a smooth even look.
  • Lego Jello Jigglers. Make Jello Jigglers in primary colors using the Lego Cake Jelly Mold.
  • Lego Cupcakes. Make mini LEGO cupcakes and ice the top with bright colored icing.  Get LEGO block candy and top off each cupcake with the candy.  Sprinkle with additional bright colored sprinkles in matching colors.
  • Lego Car Race Cupcake. Make cupcakes and ice with bright colored icing.  Make a car racer out of a large block of Lego candy, Lifesaver candies as wheels, and use fruit rolls to shape the front and dashboards. Add a colored race car pennant by cutting out a triangular pieces of colored paper and gluing to toothpicks.  Add the names of each guest to the pennant and stick the car and flag on the cupcake.
  • Lego Cookies. Use the Lego Rolling Cookie Cutter to make Lego block cookies.
  • Lego Wafers. Get Vanilla Wafer cookies and use dabs of icing to pipe on inverted vanilla chips to the top to make them look like Lego blocks.

LEGO Party Games


  • Lego Drop. Get a jar with a narrow opening. Stand above the jar with the jar between your feet. Try to drop a piece of Lego into the mouth of the jar.  Give each person 3 tries.
  • Brickmaster Says. Play ‘Brickmaster Says’ like ‘Simon Says’ but the Lego version.
  • Lego Bridge Contests. Get big bulk tubs of Lego and small lunch paper bags. Fill each paper bag with exactly the same Lego pieces.  Make sure you put sturdy construction pieces as well as odd, small decorative pieces.  Give them to your guests and tell them they have 5 minutes to construct a sturdy bridge out of the odd pieces of Lego.  When time is up, get an uncooked egg, and see if the bridges that each person built can support the egg.  Award points for best design, construction, etc.  Kids love the excitement and the thought of the egg breaking and making a mess.  Make sure you have plenty of paper towel on hand or use a hard-boiled egg instead!
  • Lego Speed Racing Contest. Give each child a small kit for Lego Speed Racer car.  Have them assemble them.  Depending on their age, they may need some help from adults.  Set up ramps by using cardboard and the milk cartons used to build Lego building block decor to build ramps and bridges.  Have a contest to see which car makes it down the ramp fastest. Kids can modify their cars if they wish by adding or taking away pieces to alter their time.
  • Lego Toss. Get 16 milk cartons and cut off the tops.  Glue all 16 milk cartons together into a 4 x 4 formation – 4 milk cartons lengthwise and 4 milk cartons width wise.  Assign points to each box and write the number on the bottom of each carton.  Place the carton grid at a distance and have a guest toss a piece of lego into the grid.  Each person gets 3 turns.  Add up the scores.  Person with highest score wins.
  • Speed Build Contest. Get buckets of Legos and download easy Lego building plans from the Lego site (free).  You can also purchase Lego Modeler books from Amazon with easy building plans using Legos you already own.  Booklets come with easy step-by-step colored pictures and instructions so kids can pick and choose which item they would like to make.   Time and see who can build easy Lego animals, cars, or buildings first.  When everyone is done set up a “city of Lego” on a large table so kids can admire their creations and play together.
  • Good Old Fashioned Free Play. Sometimes with younger kids, just some free play is required.  Allow kids who may seem more shy or uncomfortable in noisy, crowded environments to build and play with Legos quietly in a separate area.
  • Pass the Lego Box. Get a Lego Brick Box and fill with pieces of Lego and figures.  Play the Lego Numa Numa Video song and let the kids pass around the box clockwise in a circle.  Stop the song/video abruptly and the person holding the box is ‘out’ but gets to pick a consolation prize out of the Lego brick box.
  • Lego Battle of the Scales. OK, you have all these Legos dumped onto your living room floor, what now?  The best solution is to organize a Lego Battle of the Scales to see who is the Heavy Duty Lego Champ!  Save this game to the very end.  Get a scale and give each guest a bag.  Play some music and when the music is playing kids are allowed to fill their bag.  Stop the music abruptly.  Kids should freeze when the music stops.  When you start the music back up, they can continue filling their bag.  When the music is over, have them head to the scale and weigh the bag.  Whoever has the heaviest bag, wins and announce them to be the Heavy Duty Lego Champ.  If you just purchased extra Legos for this party, consider having them take the bag of Legos home as their goodie bags, otherwise award small prizes for all kids.

LEGO Party Favors

  • Legos, Legos, Legos. If you purchased bulk buckets of Legos for the party, let kids take home the bags of Legos during the “Lego Battle of the Scales” games.  This way less clean up is required and no need to purchase extra favors!
  • Construction Hat. The construction hat and t-shirt kids got for the party is a great party favor.  A group photo of everyone in matching clothing and hats is a wonderful reminder of this day and makes a perfect favor.
  • Lego Bookmarks. The Lego bookmarks that kids made during craft time is also a great party favor.
  • Clone Trooper Key Chain. Give each guest a loyal clone trooper keychain that has been specially trained to protect keys, back packs or all sorts of evil.  May the force be with your guest!