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Infant Zoo LITE for Babies | Preschool Apps

Infant Zoo LITE for Babies | Preschool Apps

Toddler Zoo overview:

Infant Zoo LITE for Babies | Preschool Apps

Now you can bring in your baby’s attention and curiosity quite effortlessly with the large –contrast illustrations or photos as they are in this Little one app. The iPad and Iphone app is identified as: Infant Zoo, due to the fact numerous different animals are revealed, which have especially significant contrasts.
Infant Zoo has been specially developed for newborns and youthful babies, which can only perceive large distinction colors at the beginning, which can make this application perfectly suited for Infants.


Peek a Boo App for babies



The notion of this app reminds us of the Peekaboo applications for toddlers, where you need to open the Barn door, to see which animal is hiding at the rear of it. The application “Peek a Zoo Train” is by the same application builders and has also been designed for toddlers and youthful small children.


With the Toddler Zoo application having said that, there are no Barn doorways or Prepare wagons that need to be opened, but alternatively, eggs want to be cracked open. The shown animal-heads hold the initial condition of the egg. The graphics have been saved easy and minimal crosshatchings, circles and bubbles/dots maximize the distinction and thus strengthen the baby’s visible stimulation.


Every single animal has been provided a regular animal audio, which will allow the infants listen attentively. How this sounds and appears to be like whilst in motion, you can look at out on our YouTube trailer beneath.

Infant Zoo Toddler app ranking

As we have often supported the developmental principle of the unique superior-contrast images and shots, we can hugely suggest you this application. Infant Zoo is a good consultant of the most hard category – Newborn Apps. Alternatively you can purchase black and white contrast textbooks for babies on Amazon.

Toddler Zoo Application description:

WIth easy, large-distinction illustrations, participating animal appears, animations, and stimulating ‘bubbles’, Infant Zoo is made precisely for newborns and youthful infants.

Infant stimulation can assist enhance your baby’s awareness span, memory and curiosity, although investigate has revealed that the mystery to toddler visible stimulation lies in higher-distinction colours.

Use Infant Zoo and its large-contrast visuals to help quiet and soothe your child as well as boost concentration abilities, increase normal curiosity, and promote the creation of mind cell connections.


• 3 substantial-contrast animals with seem and animation (Paid out edition has 16 animals)

• 2 modes of engage in – ‘watch’ method for newborns and ‘play’ method for more mature toddlers

• A ‘watch mode’ that enables your toddler observe Infant Zoo like a motion picture

• A ‘play mode’ that encourages conversation for when your infant is equipped to grasp

• ‘Bubbles’ when you shake the Apple iphone/iPad

• Vibrations when the animal animates

• Aid for Retina iPad and Apple iphone


• This app DOES NOT function in-application purchases

• This app DOES NOT include any 3rd party marketing

• This application DOES consist of an external url back to our other age correct applications.

• This application DOES NOT report any individually identifiable consumer data

Toddler Zoo Application Information:

Developer treebetty LLC
Compatibility Apple iphone,Ipad,iPod touch,Mac
Class Education
Selling price $
Age Infant applications,Ages 0–5,kindergarten Applications

Infant Zoo LITE for Infants

Excellent animations,significant-distinction pictures and images