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Man faces backlash after calling out brother-in-law’s ‘risky’ financial move: ‘Are y’all millionaires yet?’

Man faces backlash after calling out brother-in-law’s ‘risky’ financial move: ‘Are y’all millionaires yet?’

A man joked about his brother-in-law’s finances and caused a family rift.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. His brother-in-law always bragged about investing in cryptocurrency and money. After some time, the Reddit poster asked if the brother-in-law had become a millionaire yet. The answer he got was crushing.

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“So my(27M) SIL’s husband(31M) is a piece of work,” he explained. “He’s a bit of a braggart and gets off on boasting about his money and the things he’s bought with said money. Me and my wife aren’t exactly struggling, but we’re not as well off as them. Every time we visit them, he’ll pull me aside to show off whatever new gadget he bought. Whenever we go out to dinner with them, he’ll insist on paying in the most condescending way possible. He’ll also try to give me financial advice which is just annoying.”

“My wife doesn’t like him, but she puts up with it since she’s very close to her sister. I’m kinda close to my wife, so I put up with it for her. So he got into crypto a year ago and shortly after NFTs. I work in finance and have learned a decent amount about crypto. I’m not some expert, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how it’s a ponzu scheme. When he brought me this advice we argued on it. He accused me of not wanting to give my wife the life she deserves.”

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“He also said that he was going to make his family millionaires and called me naïve for not wanting to join in,” he wrote. “Idk if y’all have been watching the news lately but a lot of cryptos aren’t doing so hot. We hosted them for dinner with them last night. It was awkward. There was some tension there, but I really couldn’t tell why. In a period of silence, I asked him, ‘So are y’all millionaires yet?’ In that moment my wife’s sister put her head down into her hands and was in tears in seconds.”

“Her husband explained he bet money they couldn’t afford on various cryptos that crashed. He lost a shit ton of money and said unless they figure something out they won’t be able to stay in their house or pay for their 2 daughters’ preschool. I was immediately met with a glare from him and my wife. I felt bad but I honestly didn’t know and I wouldn’t have mocked him. I knew He lost money but I didn’t know he was going to lose that much. On when they left, my wife accused me of being in a d*** measuring cons test against my him and said I took it too far. I tried to argue that he started it and she told me I was being a child.”

Redditors thought the poster just had some bad timing.

“You did not know,” someone wrote.

“Crypto is always risky. Too bad lots of influencers sell it like it’s easy money,” another commented.

“Just poor timing with a bad joke,” a person said.

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