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Sony SRS XB43 Review: The Best Party Speaker?

Sony SRS XB43 Review: The Best Party Speaker?

This article will be looking at the Sony SRS-XB43 Bluetooth speaker, which is one of the best speakers on the market for parties and other outdoor events. In this article, I put this speaker to the test, reviewing the design, features, and value for money! If you are considering buying this speaker, this review is here to help you make your decision. 

Sony SRS XB43 Overview

In this review, I am looking at the Sony SRS XB43 Speaker. This is a new product in their renewed sony SRS  range. There are many speakers in this range; all of them are wireless and coming in an affordable to mid-price range. These are not the cheapest speakers on the market, nor are they the most expensive. 

The XB43 ($249) is the largest in the XB range, with the other notable examples being the Sony SRS XB13 ($59) and the XB33 ($125).

All of these speakers are designed to be portable and suitable for traveling. They are all charged with a USB-C type connection, have long-lasting batteries, and are designed with a high-quality sound. 

Sony is one of the better brands for speakers and has been manufacturing and designing audio electronics for many years. Their decades of experience are very noticeable in their products, and you can feel how they put a lot of attention to detail into the design phase. 

In short, the XB43 is the most powerful speaker in the XB range. It has the largest battery, larger speaker cones, and full-range performance. These speakers also feature synchronized lighting to enhance the music you play!

Sony SRS XB43 Specification / Features List

  • 2 x Tweeters, 2 x Woofers, 2 x Passive Radiator Outputs
  • Connections – Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm aux input
  • Max volume – 130db
  • Battery Life – Long-lasting, up to 24 hours
  • Environmental Resistance – IP67 (Dustproof, Waterproof)
  • Built-in USB charging point
  • Stereo pairing mode for connecting 2 speakers together
  • EXTRA-BASS setting (consumes more battery for louder bass
  • Dimensions (mm): 325*123*117
  • Weight: 2.95kg
  • Sony SRS XB43 watts – 160

The pros and cons of the Sony SRS XB43 speaker

For the most part, the XB43 is a fantastic speaker. It really has all the features you need in a Bluetooth speaker, and all areas are well thought out, designed, and constructed. Bearing that in mind, it isn’t 100% perfect, and there are a couple of areas where other products do outshine the XB43

Although, for the price you pay, the quality of the XB43 is exceptionally high, and the cons are not deal-breakers. The cons are more just small downsides, only really noticeable due to my years of audio equipment reviews. For the most part, you won’t notice these issues without testing in detail, and they are not present throughout normal use.


  • Fantastic punchy sound
  • Super loud at maximum volume, with great performance and nearly no distortion
  • Decent level of dynamic range
  • Long-range audio projection – can be heard at a distance
  • Incredibly smooth performance
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Great range of features
  • Good value for money


  • Limited high and low range at extremities, creating a midrange focussed sound
  • Overly directional due to the speaker arrangement
  • Some mild low-end distortion at max volume
  • Slightly flat response
  • Relatively diminished transients

How I tested these speakers

I tested this speaker with a couple of devices and in situations. 

  • TLC10 Mobile Phone on Bluetooth connection, using Youtube and Spotify
  • Netflix from a Macbook Pro

I listened to a range of music, including old and new records, to get a broad sense of the speaker’s performance. It sounded great for both classical music and more dynamic dance music. 

I also tested it as a speaker for watching movies or TV shows. In this case, it also performed well. The sound may have been a little bassy, although in general, it worked well alongside visual media. It sounded far better than the built-in speakers on my Macbook and definitely the TV. 

Design review


The Sony SRS XB43 Speaker is a small and portable speaker that is designed to be used with mobile devices. It has a robust design and impressive sound quality. The Sony SRS XB43 Speaker’s design is quite small and compact. It can be easily carried around in your bag or purse, which makes it very convenient to use at home or on the go.  

It’s larger than the XB13 and 33 models, which are noticeably small. However, it isn’t unnecessarily bulky, and the extra size is used purely for the larger battery and bigger speaker cones, both of which are highly useful. 


The speaker has a fabric cover that helps to protect it from dirt and scratches, which means that you can take it outdoors without worrying about damaging the exterior of the product.

The overall housing is made of a mix of metal, plastic, and rubber, which feels very sturdy overall. It even has a relatively high impact resistance rating, so it will withstand being dropped from fairly high heights. 


The Sony SRS-XB43 is a good choice for people who want to use their device to listen to music or watch movies with a high-quality wireless speaker. 

This speaker has all the controls and functions you need. It pairs via Bluetooth very easily, it has controls for volume, track skipping, play/pause, and powering. It also features an EXTRA-BASS mode, which boosts the low-end response at the cost of more power. The battery does drain faster in this mode; however, you get even more bass for parties. 

Another nice feature is the lights, which add to the party vibe, and can be synchronized to the audio. 

Performance review

Sound Quality

Sony has been known for its audio quality and performance. The Sony SRS-XB43 is no exception. This speaker has a well-balanced sound that will please most listeners. It is not as bass-heavy as other speakers, but it does have a good low end for its size. The Sony SRS-XB43 also has some of the best Bluetooth audio quality in its class. It sounds crisp and clear with minimal distortion even at high volumes. 

The Sony SRS-XB43 is rated for up to 33 feet, so you will never have to worry about any distortion, even when the speaker is far away from the source. The Sony SRS XB43 Speaker delivers excellent sound quality for its size. It produces clear mids, highs, and bass frequencies with minimal distortion even at high volumes.

A solid overall sound balance, crisp upper midrange frequencies, and decent dynamics at lower levels make the SRS-XB43 an ideal choice for listening to music or podcasts, as well as for usage in more complicated acoustics. Exactly as promised by Sony, the SRS-XB43 displays extremely few flaws while playing back audio: no compression is discernible, and only a little amount of bass distortion can be heard at very high levels.

One area of disappointment in terms of the sound quality is the directionality and width. It does feel a little narrow sounding, mostly due to the straight concentration of the speaker cones. This means people to the back and sides of the speaker will have a much lower sound quality in comparison to people sitting directly in front. 

Connectivity and Features

It has a great build and comes with separate bass and treble controls which allow users to customize the sound. This speaker also has ‘Clear Audio Beam Forming Technology’, which ensures that it can move within a wide range and stay connected. It has a much more stable connection than most other speakers in this price range. 

The Sony SRS-XB43 is a Bluetooth speaker that has been designed for the party. It has a battery life of up to 20 hours and can give you up to 80 decibels of sound. The speaker is also splash-proof, which means it can be used outdoors in light rain.

It really has all the features you need. I guess some people would like to see a built-in microphone to use for voice assistants or phones; however, it isn’t a necessity. 

Sony XB43

Final thoughts on the Sony XB43 speaker

Overall the XB43 is a fantastic speaker from Sony. It offers a decent range of features and functionality and provides a decent sound. This is suitable for a range of situations and has elements that make it particularly ideal for parties. 

The sound quality is also really high for the price. For the most part, you won’t be disappointed, although it does have a narrower, rather than wide, sound, which may not be ideal for every situation. 

That being said, factoring the sound quality, sturdiness, long battery life, solid connectivity, and fancy flashing lights, the Sony SRS XB43 comes highly recommended and is much better value for money than many other speakers in the same price range. 


How loud is the SRS-XB43?

This Sony speaker is rated with a maximum volume output of 130db. That is actually very loud for a speaker of this size and offers a considerable amount of volume for the price. The audio quality still stays pretty good even at max volume, with only slight distortion in the low end. 

Is XB43 loud?

Absolutely, this is one of the loudest speakers for the size. It is loud enough for most situations and still as a clear sound. It easily fills a room and is ample for a small party setup. 

How many watts does the Sony SRS XB43 put out?

The maximum wattage of the Sony SRS XB43 is rated at 160 watts, meaning it can offer a loud sound with some considerable power draw. Although with the large battery, you can crank this beast for up to 24 hours straight!

What’s the difference between XB33 and XB43?

The XB43 is considerably higher quality than the XB33. It is more suitable for a wider range of situations; it has a larger, more accurate dynamic range, a higher max volume output, and a longer connection range. It also is rated with high impact resistance, meaning it is more durable. I also think the overall frequency range of the XB43 is more balanced, offering a better, more natural sound in comparison to the XB33.

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