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Turn Up the Heat with These Revenue-Driving E-Commerce Trends!

Turn Up the Heat with These Revenue-Driving E-Commerce Trends!

Ecommerce is thriving but it’s no time to sit back and relax – after all, the competition out there is fierce. Here are the top e-commerce trends and tips to keep your business booming, from our digital marketing team in Melbourne.

Step #1 – Offer more ways to pay

With e-commerce on the rise, there are so many more digital payment options for customers to choose from. As well as debit and credit card payments, be sure to include these safe and secure methods:

  • Buy now pay later – BNPL platforms are usually interest-free, allowing people to pay back in 4 easy instalments while you get your cash instantly. With no credit checks and no traditional financing, it’s an easy way for customers to pay for larger orders. Try out options like Payflex, Zip, and Afterpay

  • Digital wallets – Customers are quickly getting used to using digital wallets – and loving the security and convenience that comes with them! If your e-commerce site isn’t integrated with PayPal, ApplePay, and Google Pay, you’re missing out.

Step #2 – Make orders more flexible

Customers love practical options that make online shopping easier for them – and keep them coming back for more. Ordering can be made more flexible to customer needs by including:

  • Notifications – Out of stock? Placing an item on your wish list will send you a notification when it’s available.

  • Preorders – Put your customers first in line for exciting launches with the pre-order function, keeping them up-to-date with any changes through automated email notifications and priority shipping deals.

Step #3 – Create new review channels

Reviews are trusted as much as word-of-mouth recommendations – even if they come from a stranger! Make it simple, easy, and rewarding to send in product reviews by:

  • Offering loyalty bonuses – Reviewing past purchases can be linked with rewards programs, generating points to use for their next purchase or even entering them into a prize draw.

  • Integrating review spaces – Make it optional to send a product review to all your key platforms with a simple click, including your website, social media, google reviews, Yelp, and Trustpilot.

Step #4 – Max out your sustainability credentials

Sustainability is a massive trend across all sectors, with customers actively searching for greener organisations and products to support. You can bank on this by:

  • Labelling green products – Label all qualifying products as conscious, sustainable, or green right on the product image. You can also offer filters for sustainable products to make green shopping so much easier.

  • Partner with sustainable suppliers – Expand your product lines to support organisations that have strong sustainability credentials, increasing your offering to green customers.

  • Sustainable shipping – Change your shipping and packaging to make it more sustainable, minimise plastic, and work with service providers with great green credentials.

Step #5 – Get personal

Using analytics tools, get to know each customer better so you can make your marketing efforts targeted and effective. This includes:

  • CRM – Customer relationship management platforms help track individual purchases, conversions, engagement, and other key metrics. Pump this data into your marketing material to message customer segments based on their lifestyle and interests, recommending products they’d love to buy.

  • No spam – Limit your communications so your customers don’t drown in their inboxes. Only send them what they are most likely to respond to, whether it’s based on their buying history, past interactions with marketing content, or what they’ve got in their carts.

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