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Great Content Drives Ads Profits

Great Content Drives Ads Profits

One of the most frequently asked digital marketing questions we get from our clients is, should I put my money into online ads or content/organic SEO? The simple answer is that you should do BOTH. And no, we’re not trying to upsell you on more services – we just want to get you the results you want! SEO content and online ads work together to drive revenue and doing the one without the other is a bit like having a great car without an engine. Sure, it gets attention, but it’s not going to help you get to where you want to be. Here’s why.

It’s your key differentiator

Ads have become more user-friendly, powerful, and effective – but the limitations on Google, Facebook and other online ad services make them all look a bit… well, generic. Sure, you can advertise that you’re a women’s gym, lawyer, or wellness shop in Melbourne, and while that’s useful, it does lack substance. After all, your business is unique to other people offering the same thing. You want people to know you are different, to understand why they should go to you and not your competitor, and why they’ll love being your client or customer. An ad alone won’t tell them that!

It’s powerful for boosting your rankings

Your customers use social media and online resources to research and choose providers, and they’re not using generic terms to find you. With everyone becoming more comfortable using the internet to find services, the way we search online is changing. We’re asking personal questions like, “What can I do about crow’s feet?”, “What sports sneakers are the best?”, and “Who can recommend a good orthodontist?”- not the general terms that are often used in ads. And Google’s search algorithm is recognising this by prioritising natural language, improving understanding of misspellings, and broadening results.

The best way of capitalising on this and making sure your services rank highly in search results is by creating content that is natural, localised, focussed on solutions, and conversational rather than cramming in keywords. Blogs and social media content are perfect for this, enabling you to have a conversation with your customers on their terms, in their language, and in an engaging way. Where ads feel like a direct sell, online content is about helping people get a solution to their problem – it’s personalised, digestible, and valuable to them, which makes it high value to Google too.

Striking the balance

Online ads are still something you should have – but they need to be balanced with high-quality content. These then work together in partnership to pull in the widest possible audience – those who are looking directly for a service near them as well as people researching an issue who will then come across your brand as a result.

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