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Google Marketing Live 2022: The Only Recap You Need

Google Marketing Live 2022: The Only Recap You Need

It seems like just yesteryear that Google Marketing Live announcements were fewer but bigger. Like responsive search ads in 2018 or max conversion value in 2019. Performance Max could pass as the big one for last year’s event, but it remains a pretty controversial campaign type.

google marketing live recap 2022

But what does it all MEAN?!

The point being, Google’s list of updates seems to be getting longer each year and harder to identify what actually matters. That’s why we’ve created the no-nonsense recap to simplify things and help you figure out what adjustments or preparations you need to make.

The top Google Marketing Live 2022 updates

As I just mentioned, there were lots of small features, developments, betas, and tools tossed about in this year’s event, but they can be grouped into five core categories:

Table of contents

And for those of you big picture folks, you can see a full list of the updates (according to Google) at the bottom.

1. Performance Max updates

Performance Max campaigns, released last year, are Google’s latest pride and joy. We’ll let you decide if Performance Max is right for you, but as a reminder, this campaign type allows you to advertise across all of Google’s properties with a single campaign.

  • Burst Campaigns & in-store goals: These are currently available in beta in Local campaigns but will soon be available in Performance Max. In-store goals allow you to optimize for store traffic, in-store sales, and other local actions. Burst Campaigns will work in tandem with your in-store goals to help you run short-term campaigns during seasonal spikes that drive results faster.
  • Experiment tools: Experiment tools are currently in beta for Performance Max campaigns that don’t have a product feed, and will be fully launched over the remainder of the year. This feature allows you to measure incremental improvements in performance when you add Performance Max campaigns as a complement to existing campaign types.

    google marketing live 2022 - performance max experiment tools

    • Explanations: Rather than having to cross reference data across your different reporting tools, this feature will help to identify reasons for performance changes right within the Google Ads interface. The idea, Google explained, is to add more transparency to how automation is working in your campaigns.

    google marketing live 2022 - performance max explanations

    • Google Ads recommendations and optimization score will soon be available for Performance Max campaigns. Google will suggest optimizations you can make for your targeting, budgets, and asset groups based on your campaign settings and goals as well as external factors like search volume and trends.

    google marketing live 2022 - performance max optimization score

    2. Insights page updates

    The Google Ads Insights page is also not a new feature, but Google will soon be adding more data to the page to help you make optimizations based on your campaign performance and broader search trends. There are three new types of insights:

    • Attribution: Multi-touch attribution information, which helps you understand conversion paths users take across Google channels, is currently available in Google Analytics but will now have a section in the Insights page.google marketing live 2022 - insights page on attribution
    • Budget: This feature will suggest budget optimizations based on how your campaign budget is pacing against performance.

    google marketing live - insights page budget pacing

    • First-party audience: These insights will use your first-party data to help you to see which segments are performing best and also provide signals for Google’s machine learning to optimize campaign performance.

    google marketing live 2022 - audience insights page

    The Insights page will also be available for Manager accounts.

    google marketing live 2022 - insights page manager account

    3. Google Shopping updates

    There were a lot of i words thrown around this year when it came to the Google Shopping experience—lots of repetition of “inspiration,” “ideas,” “immersive,” and “intuitive.” I’ll let you do with that what you may, but here are the core Shopping updates that matter to ecommerce businesses.

    • Checkout on Merchant: Shoppers will soon be able to checkout directly from a listing, which will bring them to the checkout page on the advertiser’s site. This is starting with Shopify and Walmart and will expand to other partners and retailers in the future.

    google marketing live - checkout on merchant

    • Immersive shopping experience: For apparel, there will be a “powerful, swipeable, visual feed” rolling out just in time for the holiday season. Organic results and Shopping ads using rich images and descriptions will be blended in the SERP and users can also swipe up on an ad to see more product detail.

    google marketing live recap - immersive shopping results

    • 3D AR: We will also soon be able to view 3D models of products right in Search results.

    google marketing live 2022 - 3d ar in search

    • Product feeds on YouTube Shorts and Search: Google talked about the browsing experience and shopping experience becoming more blended—for example, “an entertainment moment can turn into a shopping moment” in an instant, “when you least expect it but really appreciate it” (might this have to do with SERPs for queries with no commercial intent having more ads now than ever? See our Search Advertising Benchmarks Report 🤔 but I digress). As a result, product feeds will soon be available on YouTube Shorts and Search as a way to “turn your video action campaigns into actual digital storefronts.”
    • Product improvement recommendations: This tab within Google Ads will allow retailers to not just optimize their campaigns, but their individual products. It will detect and diagnose issues with your products like missing information, insufficient bidding, and more.

    google marketing live 2022 - product improvements

    4. Reporting updates

    • Conversion modeling updates: Improvements in conversion modeling include supporting more browsers, enhanced conversions integrations with HubSpot, Tealium, and other platforms, on-device conversion measurement, and a lead funnel report to see how your qualified and converted leads are performing.

    google marketing live 2022- lead funnel report

    • Simplified tagging: One Google tag will replace the Global Site Tag for all Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts. Manage tags centrally without additional code.

    google marketing live 2022 - simplified tagging

    google marketing live 2022 - ga4 home

    5. More Google Ads updates

    • Asset library: The asset library in Google Ads is going to become a “one-stop shop” for advertisers to import, collaborate on, and share all their assets for all campaigns in one place, with integration with Google Drive. You’ll be able to create a video and publish it to YouTube directly in the asset library in less than 60 seconds, “faster than I can pop a bag of popcorn” (let’s fold popcorn into Performance Max Burst Campaigns for faster popping, whaddaya say Google?). According to Google, you’ll be able to make an ad with only five image, logo, and text assets.
    • Messages in ads: Google Business Messages will allow consumers to message with businesses directly in Search ads.

    google marketing live 2022 - chat in search ads

    • YouTube Shorts ads: According to Google, YouTube Shorts is now averaging over 30 billion daily views, four times as many as a year ago. Also, “75% of people agree YouTube enhances the traditional shopping journey by delivering unexpected inspiration.” As such, ads on YouTube Shorts are now available.

    google marketing live recap - youtube shorts ads


    The full rundown of Google Marketing Live 2022

    We’ll leave off with a list of all the announcements Google listed out at Google Marketing Live, categorized by available now and coming soon.

    Available now

    Coming soon

    • Ads on YouTube Shorts
    • Video on Discover (not to be confused with Discovery campaigns. This refers to the Google Discover app)
    • Google audiences for CTV
    • Performance Max
      • Experiment tools (not to be confused with Experiments, a feature available for other campaign types in Google Ads).
      • Insights and explanations
    • Search lift tests
    • Conversion lift tests
    • Automatically-created assets
    • Message a business in ads
    • Insights page
      • Attribution insights
      • Budget insights
      • Audience insights with first-party data
      • Available for manager accounts
      • Optimization score for every campaign type
    • My Ad Center
    • Privacy-safe advertising
    • MMM improvements
    • Google tag
    • More support for enhanced conversions
    • Lead funnel report
    • Visual ad experiences in Search
    • Product feeds in YouTube Shorts & Search
    • Store sales in Performance Max
    • Checkout on Merchant
    • Product improvements in Google ADs
    • Loyalty benefits on Google