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Mom Gifts to Find Last Minute for Mother’s Day

Mom Gifts to Find Last Minute for Mother’s Day

OH NO! I waited until the last minute to think of mom! And why don’t they put Father’s Day first since men don’t seem to care as much about the Father’s Day gifts — but mom wants the most thoughtful gift on the planet. A tie, a quick shirt, something tech — almost anything, and dad’s okay. Mom — not so much. I’m feeling like such a lousy daughter — well, I am one, but feeling that way is worse.

Okay — dad can get her the new TV. Check. My brother will probably get her the new smaller crockpot or the stuff for her computer. I know she wanted earbuds, but I’ll probably get the wrong ones.

1. Lovely Quotes and Music for Mum

I saw some lovely quotes in Country Living — you might want to do something quickly with a couple of them for your mom. Look here. They also had some great songs you can listen to and download for mom here. So, type out your quote on a lovely card in beautiful calligraphy — and download some songs for your mum.

Etsy is always a good bet for mom ideas. You may have trouble getting them here before Sunday — May 8th — but some will expedite overnight shipping.

2. LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Mom could use a LED Ring Light for Mother’s Day. Though I don’t think she’ll be doing TikTok anytime soon, she might like a DAYFULI for her computer and also for doing her makeup.

LED Ring Light with tripod Stand for YouTube Video/Makeup/ Dimmable Selfie Circle Light with 3 light modes and 10 brightness levels. This is the 6-inch model — and it does a really nice job.

Lorex WiFi Floodlight Camera
Lorex WiFi Floodlight Camera

This security flood light was a hit for my mom for her birthday. You can buy one of these quickly and install it on Mother’s Day or a day or two after. Combine security and lighting with a 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera. The dual LED lights can produce a total of 4,000 lumens, which is more than enough to illuminate your mom’s front door, garage, or backyard during the night. A seriously great security feature for moms — especially for those who live alone.

4. Rifle Paper Company — Recipe Tin

Rife Paper Co.
Rifle Paper Company Recipe Tin

For mom or grammy on Mother’s Day. A lovely way to display favorite family recipes. They have some “thankful for you” cards too.

Rifle Paper Company
  Rifle Paper Company — gifts under $50.00

Take a look at the mug with the mom in the superhero cape!

5. Mother’s Day Gifts From Target

Target Mother's Day Gifts
Target Mother’s Day Gifts

You’ll like Target for quick gifts you can place in a decorative bag. You can do themed bags with PJs or gown, sleep masks, sleep-time earbuds, relaxing bubble baths or salts — foot scrubs, and more. Target will deliver overnight or order and pick up at the door. Convenient for grabbing quickly after a long day at work.

6. Costway Foot Spa

Costway Foot Spa
Costway Foot Spa

The Costway foot spa is wonderful — mom will love it. Also, take a look at the Costway lounge chairs for the pool. They even have a lounge chair with a lumbar support pillow.

7. Bala Bangles – Set of 2

The Bala Bangle is made to move and to add constant but comfortable hands-free resistance to your workouts and daily activities with this pair of wrist and ankle weights. A great addition to any workout and an upgrade to weights in general. Twelve fun colors to choose from and Amazon will overnight these if you have Prime.

8. Lululemon Bucket Hat

Mom really needs a hat when traveling or even just going for a walk. She’ll love this bucket hat — or the Crusher hat (below) for extended sunny days.

9. Anthropologie Cotton Crusher Hat

You’ll love the Crusher hats on Anthropologie. There is a great straw hat on the site too.

Anthropologie.com Mother's Day
Anthropologie Mother’s Day Gifts

10. Flowers

Flowers for Mothers Day
Flowers for Mothers Day

If you don’t get your mom something early — flowers are always a beloved option. This pic is from 1-800flowers.com. Flowers dot com connects to a flower business in your local area (or mom’s local area) and sends the bouquet you choose. Lots to choose from. If you miss getting your order in — run to the local nursery and get a nice plant for mom and your local florists will have something but get it Saturday or early Sunday. Mine florist is closed Sundays — so check the store hours.

11. CUTCO Knives

Cutco Knives
Cutco Knives

You will want this knife set (maybe before you give one to mom). These knives are better than any knives I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried more knives than anyone I know). Cutco is great to get these shipped overnight to you if needed.

12. Essential Gold Necklace

Essential gold necklaces
Essential gold necklaces — image Karolina Grabowska

Most mom’s like the essential simple gold necklace. Drop by Nordstrom for some nice ideas for gold chains. You can even find some great buys on Amazon.

The main thing is to hurry and grab something to show your mom that you’re thankful for everything that she’s done for you. Even better, put a little thought into what you think mom will enjoy. Mom will appreciate that you thought of her and that you remembered.

Image Credit in Post: from the Company Website or Amazon; Thank you!

Top Image Credit: by Karolina Grabowska; Pexels; Thank you!

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Deanna Ritchie

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