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Musk & Twitter finally crack how to tackle impersonations- Technology News, Firstpost

Musk & Twitter finally crack how to tackle impersonations- Technology News, Firstpost

Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to announce that Twitter will be relaunching Twitter Blue and their Verified programme next Friday, i.e. December 2. Musk claims that going forward, there will be three kinds of ticks or verification badges – a golden one, a grey one and a blue one.

Musk & Twitter finally crack how to tackle impersonations- Technology News, Firstpost

Elon Musk has announced Twitter will resume with paid verification next Friday. According to the new plan Twitter will assign a gold tick for companies, grey for government agencies and blue for individuals, and manually authenticate each applicant. Image Credit: AFP

Musk responded to a user on Twitter apologising for the delay in relaunching the service, and stated that the company was “tentatively” launching its verification service on December 2. Twitter will use different coloured check marks to distinguish between three types of accounts, according to the platform’s new owner.

As per Musk’s tweet, the golden badge will be for companies and other organisations, whereas the grey check will be reserved for government agencies. The existing blue tick will be reserved for individuals, whether they are a celebrity or not.

Explaining how the blue tick for individuals will function, Musk went on to say tweet, saying that all verified individuals will have the same blue check, it is difficile to define what exactly “notable” is, due to its subjective scope. Individuals may use secondary logos or labels to show they are associated with a notable organisation.  Musk also announced that Twitter will be pushing out a much more detailed explanation about the new verified badges, sometime in the upcoming week.

Musk also announced that going forward, all verified accounts will be manually authenticated by a team at Twitter, before they are allotted the check and the check appears on their platform.

Musk is adamant about charging a fixed monthly fee from users for certain privileges they enjoy. Apart from the verified badge, users also get a ton of other benefits with their Twitter Blue subscriptions. Going forward, there is a very good possibility that even DMs or Direct Messaging may also become a part of Twitter Blue or a different tier of paid service on the platform, given the sweeping changes and improvements that Musk plans on adding to DMs on the platform.

Musk had to pause the $8-a-month Twitter Blue subscription service, as fake accounts mushroomed and had said Twitter’s sought-after blue check subscription service will be relaunched at a later date

Musk then went on to tell his staff at an all-hands meeting that Twitter will not be relaunching the service until they are certain they can tackle impersonations and fake accounts getting Twitter blue ticks.