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FindNiche Review 2022: Best Dropshipping Niches Explorer?

FindNiche Review 2022: Best Dropshipping Niches Explorer?

We all know that FindNiche is a very famous free dropshipping niche finder tool in the market. However, the question occurs whether such appropriate methods prevail in this competitive world like today and if they would give advice on products that can do well in practice. The market and business out there is quite vibrant and therefore customer’s choice due to the easy availability of the products and the goods. The business conducted worldwide differs according to the location of it and the people’s choices. FindNiche evaluates over 2 million of Ali-Express products in 11,000 different niches. Furthermore, It also covers over 700,000 different Shopify stores.

It is a strong analytic tool that is built with the most creative technologies in today’s digital market and business. Findniche has been very helpful for many new startups which were looking to break in and compete in the eCommerce industry as it was developed as an avenue to empower startups that have very limited and restricted resources and capital. This tool seems to have a coverage of over 40 countries on numerous continents around the planet.

How does FindNiche Work and how to use it:-

For using the tool FindNiche, the user does not require any kind of pre-requisite knowledge and the interface is also very simple and easy to comprehend. The site is very much similar with a lot of device versions and is very easy to navigate.

Once the user visits the website, he or she will find the option that says “FIND NICHE FOR FREE”. Once you click on this, you need to enter a valid email address and add a suitable password to register to the site. Once done doing it, one can start choosing their products, niches, and Shopify stores, of them. You can easily steer through the whole FindNiche products page and you can toggle among all the various available options to select one option to analyze.

Product Analysis 

One always will need to do some intense and serious research to obtain a successful product list and also there will be no sudden promises that one can grab a lot of profit on the initial stage of it. Then the next step would be to select a preferable country where the user wants to sell the product and explore the pricing options of the products. There are many filters to help the users to get accurate and exact information and generate detailed reports and better analytics of the searched products by the user.

Niche Analysis

One of the most important factors of starting any kind of business is first choosing a profitable and efficient niche for them, and FindNiche does it amazingly. It helps the users to analyze the best kind of niche or stores that follow similar patterns. The results are comprised of detailed graphs and charts of numerous countries. The results help to let you decide whether to try in for a specific niche or not, whether it is worth a try or not.

Aliexpress Product Analysis

FindNiche gives you access to the data of over 100M AliExpress Products for which you can check the number of orders, the level of competition, the countries/regions where the products are performing better. You can easily filter this data based on your requirement.

Shopify Store Analysis

The users can examine the best-selling products from AliExpress and Shopify using the website of FindNiche tool. One can also filter the products based on the ranking of the specific chosen product, the aimed country, the number of Facebook or Instagram likes, along the ads shown. These factors seem to help one out to determine the current market and businesses competition.

FindNiche and its Key Features:-

FindNiche is a highly insightful tool that is very much useful in evaluating around 11,000 niches, around 700,000 stores, and almost around millions of competitive products in just a matter of minutes. As a FindNiche website user, one will have unlimited entry to many different types of products in many different niches that you can list in one’s store.

Big Data Analysis

One of the main features of the FindNiche dropshipping tool is that it facilitates its users to attain insight into what the chosen particular products to invest in by taking out the meaningful data from the large raw data which allows you to make a pre-informed perfect decision for the user. As an entrepreneur, you can get the most out of this tool which makes your decision-making smoother and more reliable. With such data in hand, you can decide your next investment and marketing plans to get revenue from your business.

Smart Product Picking 

The website FindNiche identifies the trending products that are available with a very high sales margin. One can also gain insight into all of the not-so-popular products but which are with very high potential which the sellers don’t focus on but are highly profitable and successful.

Niching Down

The manual route or way of sorting the products can be a highly stressful task to do. Therefore, the website of FindNiche allows the users to filter hundreds of products just by using the functional search methods. Which here means that one can choose a particular specific category and the niche it down further to an available sub-niche whilst also not losing out on the good quality of one’s niche research. 

Individual Product Performance

Pricing Plans of FindNiche

The website of FindNiche is found to give the users an option to pick between the premium or the elite membership for using their website. Here, the Premium membership price starts at $29/month, and for the elite, the price starts at $59/month.

The Review



  • It supplies the Ad Insights from Various Platforms
  • The AliExpress Products Scout
  • All the Shopify Products Scout
  • The Shopify Store update is also Unlimited
  • Data to rely and make decisions
  • Easy to Filter & Export the Data
  • Graphical Representation of Individual Product Performance over time

Review Breakdown

  • Easy to Use

  • Reliability

  • Brand Trust

  • Value for Money

  • Support